Monthly Archives: May 2006

End of Year Celebration!

I was thinking of having a get together of all the Testing Lab staff sometime during week 10, since some of you will be leaving before the end of Finals Week. It would have to be Friday the 9th of June in the evening or Sunday, June 11th in the afternoon or evening.

Respond to this Email by hitting “Comments” and let me know if one or both or neither of those dates would work for you.

I will be in at 11 am …..

on the following days/dates:

Wed. May 31st
Fri. June 2nd

Mon. June 5th–I will be taking a Personal Day
Thurs. June 8th

Mon. June 12th

I’ve written these dates on the calendar in the lab.

TIMESHEETS will be due again on Wed. May 31st

Please include all hours worked/to be worked from May 16th through May 31st.

Put the signed paper copies of your timesheets in my box.


If you haven’t given me your schedule yet, please get that to me next week, so I can make the schedule for that week.

If you are interested in working here next year…

Award letters should be coming out for Federal Work Study this weekend. I will be able to start hiring this Spring for next Fall, so if you are Work study or Learn & Earn, let me know and I can get the paperwork set up this term.

ANTH 211 Online Quizzes

Hi Everyone,

Ingrid GRAM has opened some Extra Credit Quizzes online–the Bali Quiz and the Maasai Quiz. Students may be coming in to take these on the computer.


KOLBUSS’ Sexual Behavior Poll

This is a survey that some of Lisa Kolbuss’ students may come in to take.

Please log them in as “Student”, type “Survey” in comments and NO ID or Schedule is required.

Use this same bogus L# for everyone: L33333333


Barb DEFILIPPO’s PSY 236 Exam #2 is a WRITTEN Exam–it’s in the top file drawer.

THERE ARE TWO VERSIONS OF THE EXAM. All students should first take VERSION 1. If they want to RETAKE the exam, then they should take VERSION 2.

We will be filing only the scantrons in the COMPLETED TEST folder. There are pre-labelled scantrons on top of the file drawer.

PLEASE BE CAREFUL and make sure to put the scantron labelled VERSION 1 on the VERSION 1 Exams and the scantrons labelled VERSION 2 on the VERSION 2 Exams. “VERSION 2” is highlighted in yellow marker. Hope that helps.

Thanks for your attention to this very important detail!

DEFILIPPO’s PSY 203 Exam #2

This is a WRITTEN Exam in the second file drawer. Students may start coming in this Friday to take this exam.

Please explain to the students that they should answer the multiple choice questions on the scantron and not write on the multiple choice part of the exam. For the short answer part, they DO write there answers on the sheet provided. They should answer 2 of the 4 questions and there is an extra credit question on the back of the sheet.

There are 4 extra short answer sheets and labelled scantrons in the PSY 203 folder–they’re paper clipped to the back of the folder.

After a student takes the exam, please file the scantron clipped to the short answer sheet and notecard (if they had one) in the completed test file. Put the exam back in the PSY 203 folder with a new short answer sheet and scantron attached.



After this week we have only three more weeks ’till FINALS WEEK, so please find out when your FINALS are, fill out a FINALS WEEK Schedule and put it in my box in the lab.