Monthly Archives: March 2006

Jim SALT’s students’ essays

Students should hand these in at the Social Science Office.

DILLON’s ART 202 Exam 2

is online. Students will need to type their essays and submit when they are done with all the essays.


The office hours for Instructors will be different for FINALS WEEK. It’s usually posted inside the Social Science Office (maybe outside on the bulletin board too..)

Don’t hesitate to call me next week if there is a problem finding a student’s exam/getting a student into an exam.



You will need to fill out a new timesheet and submit your hours in ExpressLane for hours worked March 16th through FINALS WEEK.

Also, if you have made changes to your SPRING SCHEDULE or you have not yet given me your schedule for SPRING term, please touch base with me before you leave for SPRING BREAK. I need to have an idea what everyone’s availability is so I can know whether or not I will need to hire more people to staff the lab SPRING term.

SUHANEK’s HST 209 Final

is WRITTEN–top drawer.

DEFILIPPO’s PSY 202 Exam #4

There are 5 copies of the exam in the second file drawer. They have an extra half sheet for short answers in addition to the scantron that they will need to hand in.

Make sure students hand in all 3 parts of this exam–the exam, the short answer sheet (even if they do not do it) AND the scantron.

File the completed scantron clipped to the completed short answer sheet in the completed exam folder (3rd file drawer) and put a new set of scantron and short answer sheets on the exam back up in the folder (2nd file drawer).


Special case make up for Eric KIM’s student

There is an exam printed on BLUE paper for one of Eric KIM’s Psych students in the 2nd file drawer.

Ususally when exams are printed on blue paper that means the student is allowed to use a 3 x 5 note card. For this student, the Instructor has written on the exam that she is allowed to use one sheet of 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper.

She should show you her note page.

We don’t normally do this, but it’s just this one student, Jessica.


This is a written exam in the top drawer.

Please make sure to write the start and stop times in on this exam if the students have not already done so.

Also, there are some HST 201 Make-ups in HATFIELD’s Folder in the second file drawer.


Tuesday, March 14th

I will be out of the office tomorrow, Tuesday, March 14th.

Remember, if you cannot find an exam in the file, look a second time and then look in my box in the Social Science Office if you cannot find it and you’re sure it’s a written exam. Send me an Email if you’re unable to Email a Instructor from the “Email Instructor” shortcut.

I’ll be here Wednesday. Please let Instructors know I will be back then.

Please put your TIMESHEETS in my box and submit in ExpressLane.



There are copies of Dale LUGENBEHL’s FINAL for 5 students in the 2nd file drawer–their names are on the exams.

The Instructor wrote on the exam that students should allow 15 minutes per essay question and 15 minutes to read over their exam. Since there are 7 essays, students should allow themselves at least 2 hours to complete the exam.

If a student comes in an hour before closing, I would recommend that you not give them the exam, because they will not be able to take half the exam and then come back to finish it another time.