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Instructors really need to leave exams in my box in the Social Science office. Technically, Instructors should be putting tests in my box 2 days in advance of when the student(s) need to take them. If they can’t do this, then they need to send me an Email.

Some Instructors repeatedly want to leave notes for me and exams in the lab and I really do not want to encourage this. I found a somewhat cryptic note from Tarik BEL-BAHAR in his test folder today and no exams.

Also, a student apparently last Friday had filled out some remote proctor form and left it for me (Not sure WHY he did that), but if the note had been left in my box in the Social Science Office, then I would have been able to solve the problem with his test last week….

If I am not here and you cannot find an exam for a student, then you can look in my box in the Social Science Office or call the office staff at extension 5427 and ask them to look in my box. (If there are 2 staff people in the lab and it’s not too busy, then let’s not bother the office staff.)

Instructors are allowed to bring a test into the lab when they have a student with them who needs to take a test right then or to finish an exam.



SUHANEK’s HST 102 Exam #2 is a WRITTEN EXAM in the top file drawer. The whole class needs to take the exam and we only have 15 copies, so when a student hands in an exam, please file the scantron clipped to the yellow essay paper in SUHANEK’s COMPLETED TESTS folder (file drawer #3).

Re-attach a new scantron and essay sheets to the exam and file it up in the HST 209 folder in the top file drawer. There are some scantrons on top of the file drawer that are already labelled and some extra yellow essay sheets already set up in the folder with the exams.

There are some MAKE-UP EXAMS for HST 209 and a HST 102 Exam #1 MAKE-UP in the 2nd file drawer in SUHANEK’s file.


There was some confusion last week about the size of notecards for Gwen Robbins’ exam. Turns out they were supposed to use 3 x 5 cards too.

Students are only allowed to use 3 x 5 notecards in the lab. If they bring in a sheet of paper or a larger notecard that’s covered with writing, then please hand the student a 3 x 5 card and tell them they can copy the card over.

If a student claims that s/he is supposed to be allowed to use their notes/text book, then contact me.

Call me if you have any questions about this.


When you enter your hours in ExpressLane by this TUESDAY at noon, you will need to include all hours worked/to be worked from Feb. 16th through Tuesday, Feb. 28th.

Please also have your timesheets signed and in my box by Tuesday, Feb 28th. The written timesheet should also just include hours from the last 2 week period.


Chelsea Bradley is not registered for ART 202,

but her Instructor wants us to allow her to test.

This means the class will not show up on her schedule.

Martinez’s ECON 200 Exam #3

This exam is back online!!!

Answer Keys…

We do not keep Answer Keys to written exams in the lab.

If any of Jane Benjamin’s Geography students come looking for answer keys, then please look up Jane’s office hours for them and let them know they can check these out during her office hours.



The term is almost half over!!!!

Please give me you FINALS WEEK SCHEDULE as soon as possible. I’ll put a blank copy in everyone’s box for them to fill out.

Also, I’m collecting SPRING SCHEDULES–I need to know when people will be available so I can decide whether or not to hire more work study students and to determine if we can stay open the same number of hours next term…. so, as soon as you have an idea what your schedule might be for next term, please give me a copy.


MARTINEZ’ ECON 201 Exam #1

Deadline is Wednesday, Feb 8th.

REMEMBER, students are NOT allowed to use calculators on this exam.

If students need to work problems, then they can write directly on the exam itself–no extra scratch paper is allowed.


SARVIS’ HST 102 Exam

This exam is scheduled for Feb. 13th and 14th.

There was a typo on the students’ syllabi. It says on the syllabus that the deadline is today…. and, it’s not.