Monthly Archives: January 2006


When closing on Fridays, please put the CD case with keys under Sarah Washburn’s door–CENTER 421D. Her office is to the right of mine.

For opening on Saturdays, one person will check out a set of keys on Friday.

Sarah Washburn will be teaching in CENTER 425 and she will have another set of keys as a backup, if the person who checked out the keys is sick or something.

As a last resort, the non-emergency number for security is 463-5558, and they could open the lab for you, since I’m not here on Saturdays.


There are some half sheets of paper at each checkin station. These are for Lisa Kolbuss’ PSY 202 students to use for EXAM #1, which is a computer test.

Normally we do not allow students to use any scratch paper, because they could write down questions. This test started today and the deadline is Monday, January 30th.

When you give students taking this exam the scratch paper, please tell them it is for working problems on the exam and that they need to hand it in when they are done testing.

Thank you!