Monthly Archives: December 2005

PSY 110 Exam #3

Apparently there are some duplicate questions in the exam, and students are not able to put in an answer for the same question twice.

When they submit their test it will only score the questions they were able to answer. So, if there were 4 duplicate questions on a 100 question test and they were not able to answer the 4 duplicate questions, then the score would be out of 96 instead of 100.

ESSAYS for GRAM–ANTH 101 and 103

These are still in the MAKE-UPS drawer.


For the ECON 200 TELECOURSE, students will take Exams on the COMPUTER, as usual.

For MARTINEZ’s ECON 200 IN-CLASS FINAL, these will be given in class. However, there is ONE student who has a FINAL EXAM in the MAKE-UPS folder for MARTINEZ–her name is on the exam.

We still have copies of MARTINEZ’s ECON 200 IN-CLASS Exam #2 in the MAKE-UPS drawer.

There are also MAKE-UPS for BURROW’s ECON 200 classes in the MAKE-UPS drawer.


It is posted in the lab. Please confirm that you are able to work the designated hours.



Several of you have already given me your WINTER TERM SCHEDULE.

If you can give me an idea of what you think your Winter Schedule will be before you leave for Winter Break, I would really appreciate that.

The lab usually opens Week 3 of the term, which is January 23rd.

I will be off campus from December 10th through January 3rd, but I will be checking my Email.

Students who bring children with them….

Officially, students are not really supposed to be bringing their children with them to the lab when they need to take an exam.

Usually, if the lab is not extremely busy, we are able to just have the child/ren sit quietly while their parent is testing, however, if children are making noise and running around, messing with the computers, etc., then that’s not acceptable. People taking tests my not feel comfortable complaining, so we need to be assertive if this happens and act on their behalf.

Yesterday someone told me that when she was trying to take a test she was distracted by someone’s children causing a ruckus. If this happens during your shift, have the parent attend to their child/ren and let them know that they need to make childcare arrangements.

I don’t think this is a huge problem–just a reminder.

Also, a reminder that we do have earplugs and/or can have students sit in the computer room if they do complain that it is too noisy.


DILLON’s ART 202 Exam #2

Exam #2 is in the top file drawer for the entire class to take.

Please just file the essays in the COMPLETED TESTS FOLDER for Hannah DILLON.

Put the test with new essay paper clipped to it back in the TESTS to be taken folder.

There are some copies of EXAM #1 in the MAKE-UPS drawer (2nd file drawer) if students still need to take the first exam.