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ECON 200 Exams

Phil MARTINEZ has an ECON 200 telecourse, for which the tests are on COMPUTER.

MARTINEZ is currently having all three IN-CLASS sections of ECON 200 take their first WRITTEN test in the lab–these are in the top file drawer.

We will need to look carefully at students’ schedules to make sure we are giving them the correct exams. It should say “Telecourse” or “Teleweb” on the schedule if the student is in the Telecourse.

Also, occasionally Bill BURROWS will have some of his ECON 200 students take their MAKE-UP ECON 200 exams in the lab, so you cannot always assume that if the class is ECON 200, then it’s one of MARTINEZ’s students.

Ask me if you have questions about this.

Thank you!


This test is on the computer, but there is ONE student who has a WRITTEN COPY of the test in the 2nd file drawer.


I know it’s only Week 5, but as soon as you know what your FINALS schedule is, please let me know.

I’ll put a blank FINALS SCHEDULE in your box–Fill it out and put it in my box.


DEFILIPPO’s PSY 110 Test #1

Deadline is TODAY (OCT. 25th) at 4PM.


This is a WRITTEN EXAM–top file drawer.

Students may not know the Instructor’s Name–they have been asking for the “Comparative Politics” Exam. You should check their schedules as always.

ED 209 and ED 210–WATROUS’ Make-ups

Please read the Instructions on WATROUS’ ED 209 and ED 210 make-up Exams. BE SURE TO GIVE STUDENTS THE CORRECT EXAM–check their schedule.

Students are allowed to use a 3 x 5 notecard and a picture square for the essay part of this test which they will take first.

When they complete the essay part, and you’ve stapled their cards to that part of the test, then give them the vocabulary part.

Staple the vocabulary sheet (on white Paper) to the rest of the test when they’re done and file the whole exam in WATROUS’ COMPLETED TEST folder.

Ask me if you have any questions.



For GRAM’s IN-CLASS ANTH 103, please enter “Quiz” and the appropriate number for the Culture Quizzes, under “Which test?”

For GRAM’s ANTH 103 TELECOURSE, please enter “Exam” and the appropriate number from the drop down menu.

This is the only way that I can track the number of tests that were given for the Telecourse, versus the number of quizzes given for the Non-telecourse, so it really helps if you can be accurate with entering this information.


Report To Toni

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These WRITTEN TESTS are in the TOP filing drawer. The whole class takes these tests.

New MAKE-UP tests for Monday, Oct. 17th

John DELNERO’s CJA 100 Exam #1 Make-Ups are available for students to take. (WRITTEN TEST–2nd file drawer)

Cynthia ADAMS has some students who need to Make-UP their PSY 201 tests. (WRITTEN TESTS–2nd file drawer)