A note on notecards…

Please be alert for students using notecards that are constructed by taping together 2 sides–Yesterday after someone completed the Math 65 test, a student handed in a notecard that revealed they had actually taped 2 sides of paper together and has written on the inside as well.

Also just a reminder if someone has to copy over or re-do a notecard, or if they elect not to use their notecard because they do not have enough time to copy it over, then ALWAYS SEND THE INSTRUCTOR AN FYI Email on the Test Problem Report.


Math 65 testers

Because part of the test is online and part is written, please seat these students in the back row of the main testing room on Wednesday–the deadline day for this exam.  Or, if you can have them log in to a computer in CENTER 307  that is in view on the camera (you have to walk them into CEN 307 and log in directly–no remote access from the check in computers).

Today one Math 65 student was seated to take the computer part and then she logged out of MOODLE and staff thought the station was available and had her move to a different computer at station #4.  Then someone else was being logged into station #4, so she came and complained that she did not want to move again, so I had her complete her exam at station #4 and had staff log the other student into another station.


Scratch paper for GILLETT’s BA281 course…

There is a special packet and scratch paper for GILLETT’s BA281–Personal Finance Final.

Make sure to check students’ notecards (if they brought one) and have them turn them in with the scratch paper after the exam.

Thanks! 😉


Please make sure to sign written exams out in the book…

when you put them in the folders. 

At the end of the day, staff can put exams that have been pulled in the Social Science drop box if the Instructor has not picked up the exam before we close for the day.

Otherwise, tests are put in the folder and do not get logged out in the book.

There are 2 written copies of BA 213 Lecture exam…

for GILLETT’s students–2nd file drawer.


Make sure to give students the written part of the exam in the top file drawer.

Part 1 is on MOODLE, but the Instructor wants us to give them part 2 when they start their exam.

WRITE the START TIME on top of the written part and then WRITE the end time on top of the written part when they hand it in.

They have 2 hours for the whole test.

FINAL TIMESHEET needs to be submitted online by June 14th

You will include all hours worked/scheduled to work through June 15th. Please put the written copy in my box and sign it.


Free Pizza end of year Celebration Wed of FINALS Week

If you are on campus or working next Wednesday, during Finals Week, there will be free pizza and food from 12-1:30pm for the Academic Technology end of year celebration.  

If you are working, then coordinate your break times to be able to go grab some grub during this time!

Borrowdale’s exams

Just a reminder that for BORROWDALE’s HL 201 (Ethics) and PHL 205 (Contemporary Moral Issues) classes, you should check with the student to confirm which exam a student wants to take before you open exam.

Many students are still making up exams 1 and 2 and there is an Extra Credit Exam and a Final Exam that students can take.

Timesheets need to be submitted tomorrow (Wed) by NOON

Please report all hors worked from Tues. May 16th through Wed. May 31st, including hours you are scheduled to work WEDNESDAY.

Fill out and sign the written timesheet and put it in my box.  

Double check that the total hours is the same on the online timesheet and the written timesheet and if you are reporting sick leave, then label the time on the written timesheet as SICK LEAVE.