Scratch paper missing for HSIAO…

Does anyone remember if someone took the MTH 60 exam for HSIAO and did not turn in scratch paper?

Clint SMITH’s PS202 and PS 208 essay exams

These are online in MOODLE. 

FYI–there are alot of Instructions which also appear on the first question of the exam, so no need to wait for students to read them–there is no time limit on his exams, so just go ahead and open the exam for these students and they can read the LONG instructions themselves.

You can remind them no notes are allowed and that they should read the Instructions carefully. 😉


Finals Week and Spring term availability…

Please let me know your availability for FINALS week–there is a sheet in your box for you to fill out.  Please double check the times for your finals and let me know when you want to be available to work.

The green sheet in your box is for you to let me know your availability for SPRING TERM.  Please fill this out as soon as you know your availability…

Timesheets are due tomorrow at NOON

You need to submit your hours by NOON WED. 2/15/17 or before…

Please include hours worked through tomorrow.

I have to have them approved by 2pm tomorrow. so if you can make sure to do this so I don’t need to track you down with questions on your timesheet, that would be great!


Escobar’s HST 202 Exam

This is online in MOODLE; HYBRID course.

No notes allowed.



CUMMINS DH 119A Exam #2

closes on Sat. 2/11 at Noon, even though we close at 1pm…

Let students know this if they call in wanting to know how late we are open tomorrow…



NURSING Exams ending today…

NRS 232=Pathophysiology Instructor: BARNES

NRS 111=Chronic Illness Instructor: KIRKPATRICK

If you work a closing shift…

Please initial the closing procedure checklist.

When you lock the door, make sure to pull on both doors while turning the handles.

Make sure to lock the file cabinet.  If you do not have a key, then lock the file cabinet and check the doors before the keys get returned to the Library circulation desk.

Link for Sarvis HST 102 Exam

is at the top of the MOODLE page… 

Hit the quizzes link if you cannot see it….

In the week there is a practice test, so it’s confusing if you are not used to looking for it at the top of the student’s MOODLE page.

Upset students…

There was a student today who was confused about a test link for Lugenbehl.  He had actually taken the exam in class this am and was confused that there was a test link for the test online.  

Just a reminder that if students are really getting upset/loud and seem to be escalating, please tell them you will see if your supervisor can help and walk them into my office.  

I have most Instructors’ cell numbers and can try to call their Instructor if that allays their anxiety.

As a side note: if a student complains about something in the testing room, like that they were distracted by someone/something, then let me know.