Cultural Faith

I was so welcomed with love and open arms at an Évangéliste Baptiste Church this morning in Caen.  It was the second Service in their new building. The melodies in the worship songs were familiar.  It didn’t matter whether I could understand any of the sermon or not there was a common bond & theme of love for Jesus and others. I sang my heart out because I love to sing as  I butchered every French word ! I didn’t care!  I observed 2 offerings as well as communion. I was greeted by English speakers. The pastor‘s mother-in-law is a missionary from Indiana back in the states. I felt right at home. I was able to pull up my Bible app and it’s the same book chapter and verse translated to their French translation .  Most of the churches here are Catholic.  I was told that the architect who did the windows said that they replicated the thorns in Jesus’ crown . It was nice stepping into familiarity and what felt like a stepping into a whole different French culture filled with love and warmth and no hostility .