Similarities and Differences – and the bus

I am surprised at how similar my host and I are in terms of eating. We both eat quickly with no formalities. It is still light at 11 pm which surprises me. I don’t like that the university and some other public places have toilets without seats. This is more difficult to use the older I get. The people I have met are friendly and engage me in conversation. We do communicate well with my sub-par French and their valiant effort at English.

I take the bus once or twice a day. I forgot my pass one day and paid cash. They actually gave me change! They also have what I call the bus police. Randomly, it seems, three ‘bus police’ board the bus and use a hand-held device to check that everyone has paid. So hang on to that bus pass or ticket until you don’t need it anymore! I’ve had the bus police board the bus I was riding 3 times in the last week. I’ve also seen many dogs on the bus. I haven’t seen them pay, though.