First Day As An International Student

First Day As An International Student

My arrival to the school was met with a warm welcome. Friendly staff handed us bags with our student packets, then split us up into our classes. The day started off wonderfully the teachers where so nice and it was great meeting up with my fellow students, not only from LCC but from around the world as well! After classes we where shown the on campus cafiteria filled with great food! The desert of coarse was especially good.

Caen Normandy

After everything was done we where taken on a tour of the town. Located just a castle away was the amazing village of Caen Normandy!!

I had a fantastic view from the castle, all the old buildings are so cute!! When we got close the restoration from the war was very evident and the old from the new was made clear (of coarse still beautiful). The war had damaged almost everything, but the strength of the city shines through.

Culturaly this was super facinating to me, the duality of old and new. From a modern art gallery in William The Conquorer’s medeval castle to a Sephora in a toutor style house.

Another interesting cultural thing of note is the cars. They are all petit and either electric or hybrids. Even the semitrucks are small!!

I cant wait to stay here and explore more of the town in the following weeks!

~Kay Towner