Optimal Student Preparation, Progression and Completion

Strategic Direction
  • Promote students’ progression to goal completion by knowing our students and creating needed systems, processes, and learning environments
  • Support academically underprepared students’ progression to college-level coursework by providing them with foundational skills, classes, and support.
Strategic Initiatives
  • Progression and Degree Completion
    Students will participate in intentional experiences and support practices, particularly during their first year, that impact their ability to progress in their educational pathways.
  • Quality
    Strategy map for initiatives relating to optimal student preparation, progression and completionStudents will engage in high quality, high impact curricular and co-curricular courses, programs, and activities that clearly define learning outcomes, integrate theory with practice, and utilize diverse points of view.
  • Research & Information Systems
    Faculty, staff, and administrators will use data, systems, and technologies within an evidence-based culture to continuously improve practices and policies in support of student engagement and success.
  • Professional Development
    Instructional and student support practitioners will deepen individual and organizational capacity, knowledge, and abilities through committed investment in training and development activities.
Institutional Projects