Online Learning and Educational Resources

Strategic Direction
  • Build capacity in faculty and staff to create high-quality, sustainable, and innovative online learning and educational resources
  • Provide the required tools, infrastructure, and professional development to use emerging technologies for expanding online learning and educational resources
  • Explore the effectiveness of online learning and educational resources
Strategic Initiatives
  • Information Literacy
    Learners will deepen individual and organizational capacity to effectively engage with online learning through an ongoing investment in digital literacy coursework, professional development, and communities of practice.Strategy map for initiatives relating to online learning and educaional resources
  • Technology Integration and Infrastructure
    Online teaching and learning systems will be integrated and innovative in their commitment to quality pedagogy and optimizing student experience and success.
  • Blended Learning
    Students will have access to integrated, modularized curriculum, and resources across a spectrum of media and technologies to support successful planning, preparation, and completion.
Institutional Projects