A Sustainable Learning and Working Environment

Strategic Direction
  • Build understanding of sustainable ecological, social and economic systems and practices among the college communities
  • Apply principles of sustainable economics, resource use, and social institutions to Lane’s learning and working environments
Strategic Initiatives
  • Sustainability Literacy
    Learners will deepen knowledge and understanding of, and commitment to, issues and opportunities in developing a socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable society through intentional outreach, engagement, training, and development practices and activities.
  • Sustainable Systems, Policies, and Practices
    The college will develop and implement systems, policies, and practices that support sustainable operations and optimize efforts and resources in achieving sustainability goals.Strategy map for initiatives relating to a sustainable working and learning environment
  • Energy Conservation and Carbon Neutrality
    The college will achieve conservation and carbon neutrality goals through technology and collaborative strategic planning and resource allocation.
  • Curriculum Development and Infusion
    Faculty and staff will pursue professional development to promote the incorporation and understanding of sustainability in all phases of the curriculum and work of the college.
Institutional Projects