A Safe Learning and Working Environment

Strategic Direction
  • Maintain a safe learning and working environment
  • Improve practices and resources that secure property
  • Promote activities, practices, and processes that encourage civil discourse and protect college communities from discrimination, harassment, threats, and harm
Strategic Initiatives
  • Physical and Environmental Safety
    The college will ensure campus community members’ safety and security through ongoing investment in our people, our systems, and our infrastructure.
  • Zero Tolerance for Harassment and Discrimination
    Strategy map for initiatives relating to a safe learning and working environmentThe college will deepen and systematically strengthen our systems, practices, and culture of civil discourse with a focus on zero tolerance of threats, harassment, or discrimination.
  • Safety and Wellness Professional Development
    Campus community members will deepen individual and organizational capacity, knowledge, and abilities through committed investments in training and professional development activities.
Institutional Projects
  • Bond and Major Maintenance Upgrades
  • CERT Training Teams
  • College Emergency Response Plan
  • Emergency Response and Threat Assessment Teams
  • Harassment and Discrimination Complaint Procedure Redesign
  • Lane Alert System
  • Public Safety Outreach and Communications
  • Public Safety Student Cadet Program
  • Quarterly Emergency Response Drills and Meetings
  • SafeColleges Software
  • Service and Program Integration