A Liberal Education Approach for Student Learning

Strategic Direction
  • Equip students to become global citizens with the broad knowledge and transferable skills characterizing a liberal education approach
  • Expand the application of the liberal education approach throughout the college’s programs and services
Strategic Initiatives
  • Learning Outcomes and Assessment
    Lane faculty will use multiple strategies to assess student progress in meeting revisioned 21st-century core learning outcomes that have been infused throughout the curriculum and provide a roadmap for student academic success.
  • Civic and Information Literacy
    Students will engage learning environments and activities that support intellectual, social, and civic development that help them understand how information is constructed, how to critically use sources and evidence, and how to discern measures of credibility.Strategy map for initiatives relating to a liberal education approach for student learning
  • Integrative Learning
    Students will understand the interrelatedness of the essential learning outcomes of their degree and apply their learning to new settings.
  • Professional Development
    Instructional and student support practitioners will deepen individual and organizational capacity, knowledge and abilities through committed investment in training and development activities.
Institutional Projects