The First Year Matters: Foundations of Excellence®

First Year Matters Foundations of ExcellenceDescription

The Foundations of Excellence® Project will enhance student success by creating a process and taskforce to analyze institution policies, practices, and programs.

Foundations of Excellence® is a year-long, comprehensive, guided self-assessment and improvement process centered on the first year of college (first year experience). The centerpiece is a set of aspirational principles that are termed Foundational Dimensions®. Task force members from across campus use local expertise and multiple forms of evidence to guide intellectually substantive and collegial discussions about the campus’ level of excellence in the first year.

  • Fall 2011: Complete the Current Practices Inventory (CPI) used to develop descriptions of the components of the first year
  • Fall 2011: Conduct Faculty/Staff and Student surveys to measure institutional behavior linked to the Dimensions
  • Winter 2012: Assess levels of institutional achievement on specific performance indicators for each Dimension
  • Spring 2012: Create evidence-based Dimension reports to foster campus-wide discussion
  • Spring 2012: Develop a Strategic Action Plan recommending immediate and long-range priorities for change based on the findings of the self-study
Project Leads

Sonya Christian, Mary Parthemer, Ken Murdoff, Lida Herburger, Craig Taylor, Andrea Newton, Helen Garrett


Foundations of Excellence at Lane