Oregon Adult Basic Skills Learning Standards

Oregon Adult Basic Skills Learning StandardsDescription

The Oregon ABS Learning Standards Project will support students in developing the knowledge and skills they need to achieve their goals as family members, workers, community members, and lifelong learners. The Learning Standards and their frameworks are accessible and practical tools used by teachers, program administrators, and state leadership.

The standards are intended to be used in teaching listening, speaking, and reading to both native and non-native English speakers and from very beginning levels to college transition.


Increase student retention, persistence, success, and transitions by providing:

An articulation of key sets of knowledge and skills which are transferrable to post-secondary education/training, employment, family self-sufficiency, civic participation, and lifelong learning A clearly delineated continuum of skill development that guides goal-setting, curriculum, instruction, assessment, and accountability Consistency in expectations across programs for learners who transfer between institutions (from Vision for the Oregon ABS Learning Standards)

Project Lead

Cathy Lindsley