Kevin, Psychology, AAOT

KevinAfter Kevin completed the College and Career Success courses, he became a peer mentor to students in those same courses in his second term at Lane Community College. Through mentoring other students, he realized counseling psychology would be the perfect major. Now he has the opportunity to strengthen the accountability students have to each other and help build a successful community at Titan Court. He reminds us that college success includes hard work, and having the right attitude is crucial for enjoying the journey. He manages school, work, and other responsibilities by being present in the moment, limiting distractions, not putting off homework until the weekend, and remembering the difference between “have to” and “get to.” After he graduates, he plans to pursue a B.A. in psychology followed by graduate school. Choosing to respond as a creator rather than react as a victim has helped him develop his “response-ability” to life’s challenges.