Jennifer, Education, AAOT, 2005

photo of JenniferJennifer had always wanted to be a teacher, but she was a stay-at-home mom and wanted to take care of her daughters during the day. She learned that Lane had a variety of evening classes, and she could work towards her Associate of Arts Transfer degree without sacrificing her time during the day. In 2005 she graduated from Lane and transferred to Pacific University where she graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Art in Education and Learning. She is currently a teacher in the Bethel School District and recently begun working on her Master’s degree through Concordia University in Educational Leadership. Eventually, she would like to work in the Bethel school district office in Curriculum and Instruction or even become a principal at one of the schools.

Jennifer considers her greatest success the ability to balance the demands of school while caring for her two small children. Her husband was supportive of her goal and helped with the kids. Returning to school felt daunting and overwhelming, but instructors helped her along the way, and she never felt alone or left alone to fend for herself. Because it is hard work attending classes, staying on top of classwork and studying for tests, her keys to success included making a plan and dedicating herself to completing it within her timeline. She was realistic in setting her goals and found a teacher whom she admired and worked hard for them and herself. In fact, the Foundations of Education class taught by Merrill Watrous only solidified Jennifer’s desire to become a teacher.

One of her main strategies in achieving her goals is perseverance. Her advice to students is, “It is all too easy to be pulled off your path, and you just can’t let that happen. Decide what you want or need to do to make your life better, set a plan, and then do it!”