Credentials, Acceleration & Support for Employment

Credentials Acceleration and Support for EmploymentDescription

The CASE Consortium Grant will enhance student success by promoting career pathway programs and increasing completion rates for students through career coaching, collaboration with employers, and applying credit for prior learning.

The grant will provide support to underemployed and unemployed workers and Trade Act Adjustment (TAA) eligible students.


Expedite completion of a credential and progress to re-employment through accelerated skill upgrades for TAA eligible and other dislocated workers Benefit from ‘portable’ approach to granting credit for prior learning for students and workers across the state Increase credential completion and accelerate time to credential completion through expansion and enhancement of Career Pathways Reduce barriers so that students enroll, persist, complete a credential, and secure employment in a demand occupation through the use of Career Coaches Increase collaboration through an improved coordination system for employment outcomes Performance measures for entered enrollment in a credential program, credential completion, credits attained, job placement, job retention, and job earnings

Project Lead

Dawn DeWolf