Cori, Education, AAOT

photo of Cori in the classroomAfter two decades away from college, Cori Oyler returned to Lane to pursue her Associate of Arts Transfer Degree. In spite of high anxiety, she was determined to get the best possible grades. She quickly learned to communicate with instructors and get tasks done as soon as possible.

Cori’s biggest challenge is math. While she is not yet over the hurdle, she works with the tutors in the Math Resource Center. She describes her favorite math instructor, Charlotte Behm, as a patient, kind woman who finds ways to help her remember the content. Cori credits Merrill Watrous and her internship with Theresa Haley with helping her to grown and learn. Merrill challenged, pushed, listened, and guided Cori. She learned to manage her time at both college and elementary levels.

Balancing school and life has become overwhelming at times. Cori had to scale back on her classes a couple of times when life took over, but she kept her focus on her ultimate goal. She learned the key was to keep herself healthy, both mentally and physically. She also found being accountable to someone helped keep her on course. Her family–which includes her partner, parents, sister, and teenagers–is her support system and remind her of her goal whenever she gets discouraged.

Her goal is to transfer to the University of Oregon in summer 2014, major in special education, and earn her master’s degree. The key to Cori’s success is to ask questions and keep asking in order to find the right place or the correct answer. She advises all students to pay it forward, ask questions, and give back.