Core to College

Core to CollegeDescription

The Core to College Project will enhance student success by fostering long-term collaborations between higher education and K-12 entities that will improve student achievement and college readiness.

The project will use the Common State Standards and assessments to establish a statewide common definition of college readiness to signal a student’s preparedness for credit-bearing college courses.


College Readiness Partnership Objectives: Identify how the Common Core State Standards should be implemented in the state to actually improve college and career readiness for all students Define how leaders and faculty across K-12 and higher education need to work together to improve both teaching and learning in ways essential to achieving the goal of college and career readiness Delineate the specific steps that higher education and states must take together in order to make effective implementation a reality

Placement Proficiency Aligning Standards Objectives: Define direct correlation between Common Core State Standards and higher education’s placement tests into college math, writing, and reading

Project Lead

Kathie Hledik


Core to College