CAPP Degree Audit Automation

CAPP Degree Audit AutomationDescription

The CAPP Degree Audit Automation Project will enhance student success by providing students, counselors, and advising staff with “progress audits” to help assess student program progress and courses needed for completion.

This project is embedded in Enrollment Services’ “Project: Graduate More!” and part of a redesign in services for transcript evaluation and degree evaluation at Lane. The focus for this project is the use of Banner’s Curriculum and Program Planning (CAPP) degree audit functionality in a batch processing and reporting format.

  • Spring 2011: Run CAPP in batch processing format for degree and certificate graduation candidates; identify the degrees and certificate completed and triage the incompletes. Decrease the time needed to award completions; and identify and develop strategies for resolving issues that prevent completion.
  • Fall 2011: Run CAPP in batch processing for all registered credit students. Use refined reporting techniques to identify completed degrees & certificates for all registered students. Strengthen processes for substitutions and equivalencies for students. Enhance online CAPP report with “advice text” and links to degree and certificate requirement details.
  • Spring 2012: Run CAPP in batch processing for all registered students and turn on self-service view access to students in myLane. Move Degree evaluation processing from continuous processing to an end-of-term task.
Project Lead

Margaret Kimble