Achievement Compacts

Achievement Compacts


The Oregon Legislature directed all K-12 districts, education service districts, community college districts, and public universities to enter into annual achievement compacts with the Oregon Education Investment Board (OEIB) beginning with the 2012-13 school year. These compacts focus funding and strategies at the state and local level on the achievement of statewide education goals.

Achievement compacts are forward-looking documents designed to set targets for defined outcome measures that are indicative of student success. As such, the compacts are intended to connect a college’s plan for student achievement to the allocation of resources needed to accomplish its plan. The timeline for completing achievement compacts is tied to the timeline for adopting a budget. An achievement compact enables a community college to “budget a plan, not just plan a budget,” which may not otherwise be directly connected to student achievement.

Achievement compacts represent partnership agreements between the state and its 197 school districts, 19 education service districts, 17 community colleges, and the Oregon University System with its seven universities and the Oregon Health and Science University. These agreements provide the opportunity to:

  • Align all sectors of our education system toward achievement of the 40/40/20 goal and college and career readiness;
  • Focus and inform state investment and local budget and program decisions to achieve these outcomes;
  • Spotlight best practices and promote collaboration, so that successful districts, colleges and universities can share their strategies with those that can benefit from additional guidance and support; and,
  • In K-12 districts, replace provisions of the No Child Left Behind Act with a more supportive and flexible accountability system.

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