ABSE Writing Class

Alise.GED.digital.essaySuccess through Digital Storytelling

During the Winter 2013 term, Alise Lamoreaux’s Adult Skill Development/GED writing class created a digital story titled, “I Come To School Because.” Each student wrote an individual statement about why he/she comes to school. The class organized themselves into a living lyrical essay. They decided the order of stories, recorded their own sections, and then determined what images were needed to tell the story. The students took the photos using both iPhone and iPad, and Alise produced the story using iMovie. The class had so much fun making the digital story that they can’t wait do another one. Seeing themselves in the video and hearing their stories combined together gave them something to show and be proud of. Writing took on a new meaning once it came to life.

Alise’s Spring 2013 Adult Skill Building class shared their experiences about how making digital stories improved their overall writing skills and confidence the video below.