Initiatives to Practices 2012-2014

Start Right First Year Focus Maintain Momentum Goal Completion
Early connection to program of study

Placement Testing

Credit for prior learning

Early college

Mandatory orientation

Mandatory Advising

Increase financial literacy

  • Restrict automatic access to loans
  • Increase financial literacy tools for students
Learning Communities

First Year Philosophy

Ongoing Systemic Advising and Academic Planning

Promotion of Early Math

  • Encourage/require math from the first term
  • Messaging/communication of early math
  • Alternative learning environments

Promotion of Early Writing

New Developmental Education models

  • Reduce pipeline of classes
Learning, engagement and navigation

  • Communicate and integrate High Impact Practices
  • Core Learning Outcomes
  • Guide to Personal Success
  • Develop badges
  • Use assessment rubrics
  • DegreeWorks

Other strategies for ensuring progression and success

  • Academic Progress Standards
  • Integrating college readiness and success into the curriculum
  • Messaging about financial aid students’ progress
  • Staged registration
  • Work College
  • Identifying co-curricular activities
  • Full spectrum learning support
  • Honors Program
Automatic degree awarding

Degree option for direct transfer students

Progress Reports

Map, align, and ensure quality learning outcomes and skill mastery within and between institutions

This is not an exhaustive list of our student success work. Many practices/strategies move across a student’s journey.

Student Success Framework & Decision Analysis 2013-06-13 (pdf)