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The purpose of the Student Success Leadership Team is to shepherd the work of the college as it relates to Quality Progression and Completion. Specifically the work is tied to three of the six strategic directions: Quality Progression and Completion, A Liberal Education Approach to Student Learning, and to some extent Online Learning and Educational Resources.

The Student Success Leadership team will:

  • Establish connections with the projects, initiatives, and ongoing work of guiding Lane students to success
  • Identify and communicate linkages between student success projects and programs
  • Ensure strategic alignment and resource optimization of student success work
  • Share student success information and outcomes with the campus community and other stakeholders
  • Guide and support the ongoing work of student success projects and programs
  • Wrestle with real issues that arise and courageously and collaboratively work to resolve them
  • Help strengthen college systems to support student success
  • Help each other keep a sense of the larger picture even as individuals or committees are working at a focused level