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Core To College


Oregon’s Lumina-Hewlett-Gates grant-project—Placement Proficiency Aligning Standards (PPAS)—supplements the current work being done in the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) to significantly improve student success in college, and ultimately career. PPAS brings college readiness fully into the work of Common Core State Standards (CCSS) by making sure a direct correlation exists between the Standards (and their related assessments) and higher education’s placement tests into college math, writing and reading. This alignment of assessment helps guarantee a student is actually prepared to begin college-level coursework, regardless of their area of study and unifies placement testing in higher education. PPAS also furthers the work of CCSS alignment between K-12 and higher education by providing teacher education and development for both high school and postsecondary instructors—educators across levels will create shared bonds and develop a common understanding, language, rubric for proficiency, and vision of the state’s CCSS work.

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