photo of student and mentor teachers

After fourteen years of teaching education students at Lane Community College, I think the thing I enjoy most about my job is visiting the classrooms of stellar teachers like Sunshine, Theresa, and Jen–teachers who were once my students. Sunshine continues to remind me of the joy of teaching all aspects of literacy. Her fourth graders gobble up books–choosing from the hundreds she has accumulated book by book over the past six years. She loves to plan out adventures to teach her students about geography, integrating the arts and writing into each lesson.

Like Sunshine (in her Charter School classroom of 20), Theresa (in her Bethel District classroom of 36) is an enthusiastic user of all forms of new technology. Both Sunshine and Theresa are graduates of the Oregon Writing and Technology Project, and it shows. They mentor their fourth and fifth graders with skill.

Jen also teaches fifth graders in the Bethel District; she is a school and district leader and welcomes Lane interns whenever they appear at her door. Teaching is a career in which we don’t always get to see the fruits of our labors, but I am a fortunate teacher; the cooperative education program in education at LCC allows me to be always out and about with my students – learning about the new from my students of old.

–Merrill Watrous, Faculty, Education

In Spring 2013, three students from Lane were placed in classrooms taught by three graduates of Lane through Cooperative Education. Click on their names to read their individual success stories.

Improving Developmental Education Assessment and Placement

Improving Developmental Education Assessment and Placement: Lessons From Community Colleges Across the Country (CCRC Working Paper No. 51)
By: Michelle Hodara, Shanna Smith Jaggars & Melinda Mechur Karp — November 2012. New York: Community College Research Center, Teachers College, Columbia University

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