Once Terrified to Try

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My name is Tim Hammett. Right now I am a student in the education program at LCC. I have done one practicum in the fifth grade and two in third grade. I am really looking forward to sharing all the great lessons I have learned about story telling through picture books and digital stories with all my future students. I love to go hiking with friends or curl up with a good book.


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15 Responses to Once Terrified to Try

  1. Wendy Trujillo says:

    I am also afraid to take risks but if i never take them, i will never learn from them. Teaching is something i want to pursue but i think i don’t have the skills yet. Based with what i heard, i know you will be a fun teacher and you will make sure that students will good about themselves all the time. Good Luck!!

  2. Ruby Kalamas says:


    I can really relate to your story. I too, am often plagued with doubt about my future success ( or lack of) on my chosen path. My first day in the classroom helping Mary Christensen was so scary for me. I was so nervous to be in the classroom, and help out. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to help. It is easy to take the route of not trying, for fear of failure. I have learned the same lesson as you, over and over, throughout my endeavors. This video was very inspiring to me, because we are on the same path, although you are further down it. Your confidence and happiness in your internships gives me confidence for mine. Thank you!

  3. Jacque Donner says:


    There are always those doubts everyone has that if they will make a good teacher. If you skills will be enough. It is what you bring to the table which makes you different than other teachers. your video was wonderful and beautiful. You Got this Tim!

  4. Amiel Farfan says:

    I have a similar irony. It’s good to remember there are catalyst moments that present themselves at just the right time to help motivate us to embrace our potential.

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