Sarah Wyckoff’s Digital Story About “The Book Whisperer”

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Based on the book The Book Whisperer by Donalynn Miller, EN 201 student and future teacher Sarah Wyckoff chronicles her life as a struggling reader and her transformation into a “book whisperer.”  Her instructor, Merrill Watrous, responded to this story by saying, “I had to watch this over more than once and I shall be returning to watch this again and again when I need a boost. The joy in the reader and the growth in the child become adult become teacher is stunning and delightful. Sarah conveys what reading is all about and what the struggle to find pleasure in reading is all about at the same time. it pleases me beyond words to know that this fine digital storyteller will someday be nurturing young readers herself.”

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13 Responses to Sarah Wyckoff’s Digital Story About “The Book Whisperer”

  1. Wendy Trujillo says:

    I also struggle with reading but due to a different cause. That is, English is my second language and sometimes i have problems understanding a text. I know that based on your experience with reading, you will focus a lot on helping students that struggle to read. And also, you will have students that English will be their second language. Based with my experience, sometimes we get stock and never ask a teacher for help. But my advice is that even if they said that they don’t need help, just help them because inside they are scream “help me” but don’t want to say it aloud because they might be afraid.

  2. Jacque Donner says:

    That is so cool that you overcame your dyslexia. It allows you to understand on a level some teachers cant. Harry Potter is a great book to get into it was one of my favorites.

  3. Ruby Kalamas says:


    Your connection to your own struggles with reading and those of your students is very special. It made me think of my own struggles with math in the past, and how I may be able to help my own students in the future struggling with math concepts. Reading is important, and finding the right books that excite your students is a great way to get them interested and loving reading.

  4. Ashley Hardin says:

    I think it was great how you opened up and shared about your experiences with dyslexia. It really lets struggling readers that they are not alone in their struggles. Reading is an important part of education and you are a wonderful example for those with struggles to overcome. I believe that your past experiences and understanding will serve you very well as a teacher.

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