“Fit to Teach,” by Merrill Watrous

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This digital story by Lane CC Education Instructor Merrill Watrous has an interesting story about how it came to be. Merrill explains, “I originally wrote this story as ‘Gum in My Mouth, Hands in My Pocket,’ a lengthy feature article of about 4500 words. I sold it to Instructor Magazine and funded my tuition at UCB/National Writing Project with the check. The magazine later released its copyright; at that point it was published by Oregon English and then republished in a ‘Best of 25 Years’ special edition.

“When I shared the original story with LCC students this spring – students who were themselves becoming Digital Storytellers – I saw for the first time how dated it had become. Project-Based Learning is as fresh a concept as ever, but I needed to take a new look at the experience in order to tell the story from a different perspective. I wrote 12 drafts of this digital story, first as a story about active listening, then as a story about vulnerability, and finally as one about fitness. Writing a digital story of 300 words, recording at about 3 minutes,  required me as the writer to go deep. I found it allowed for a kind of creative freedom that is unique in that it is very different from article writing.

” http://www.maritime.org/edu/ On this site, you will find similar programs to the one on which I took my fourth graders in this digital story. However, the CA Thayer is being overhauled, and the program on which I took my students was completely funded by tax money through the National Maritime Museum.”

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  1. Jacque Donner says:

    Merril This is a wonderful digital story. The visuals are eye catching and the story keeps you intrigued. It is so strange in a good way that teachers always do find themselves repeating themselves. So nice way of learning how to say it once.

  2. mega says:

    thank u for sharing

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