The Teacher Within, by Merrill Watrous

Merrill Watrous asks the Big Questions of both herself and her Future Teachers education students: “Who is the self who teaches?” Merrill made this story as her class project when she attended her first workshop at the Center for Digital Storytelling in Berkeley, CA in March 2013.

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5 Responses to The Teacher Within, by Merrill Watrous

  1. Susan Carkin says:

    Lovely! Thank you, Merrill.

  2. Alice Warner says:

    Merrill – Great story! Strange how the question you asked at the store would seem “normal” if you said it happened when you were “a girl” but when you think of girlhood extending all the way to three years old it you have to catch your breath in surprise. What could be more incongruous – the natural explorer mindset of the toddler juxtaposed with the societal focus on body image?

  3. mega says:

    hello, thats a good articel ! keep writing up !

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