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Welcome to me..

Hey everyone,

My name is Tyler Gordon I am 26 years old and currently attending college for a AAS degree in Multimedia design. My passion is film and film production. I fell in love with film production when I was 16 years old. My dad worked in the special effects department on the set of Warner Brothers “Matrix” trilogy. I was able visit the set numerous times and witness first hand the film sets,production,effects,makeup and met the cast. I made it my goal after this to dedicate all my time to film. I began by shooting promotional videos for a local insurance company and dabbling around in script writing and then decided to attend LCC in Eugene, Oregon for my AAS in Multimedia Design.

My long-term plan is to get my bachelor’s in media design and work as a videographer for the University of Oregon. In hoping that venture goes well I plan on moving to Seattle or Los Angeles and attempt to work for a production company. I want to direct one day a historical film much like that of producer and director Ridley Scott. These are my goals and hopefully with hard work and strong dedication and organizational skills I will succeed in following my dream.Welcome to me!