Javier Ambriz Final Project



1/500  F/5.6  ISO 250

I shot this picture around 7 pm it was a pretty sunny day and there were only a couple of wispy clouds in the sky , we were walking around alton baker and I saw this patch of daisies and thought it’d be a nice place to take a picture.


1/400  F/5  ISO 250

I bought this frame that I thought would be cool to incorporate in the photo I took a lot of different shots at different angles, but I liked the side view the best, this was shot around 7 pm at alton baker too we were under a tree, what I liked best about this picture was the way the light highlights her eye.

david 1

1/125  F/5  ISO 800

This was my favorite out of all the portraits I took, i didn’t like it at first the colors in the original picture looked kind of funky so I decided to change it to black and white and I really fell in love with it after I changed it.



broken mirror

1/400  F/5.6  ISO400


1/125  F/5.6  ISO 1600

flower 2

1/320  F/11  ISO 6400


Final Project

Part 1 – Portraiture

For my portrait project I already had a location in mind where I wanted to shoot at. I took my talent with me to an old rundown factory next to the old EWEB building near the river bike path. We had jumped the fence and started shooting around the site. Unfortunately we couldn’t find our way inside the building, but pictures still ensued.

BW 9 (1 of 1)

BW 7 (1 of 1)

BW 13 (1 of 1)

My friend climbed back over the fence, I stayed on the other side to take some more pictures. This was shortly before security rolled up behind me, I was kicked out.

Project final 3 (1 of 1)

Part 2 – Shapes

My initial approach to shapes was just walking around town and taking images of objects and structures that appealed to me.

Project final 13 (1 of 1)

Project final 15 (1 of 1)

Project final 16 (1 of 1)

This was taken at the same location as my portraits.

Project final 5 (1 of 1)

I had the opportunity to shadow at a industrial diesel mechanic shop for my photojournalism class. In my down time I had walked around the area and shot more for my shapes project.

Shapes 3 (1 of 1)

Shapes 2 (1 of 1)

Shapes 4 (1 of 1)

Final Project


1/800 sec. f/8 55mm ISO 100

I took lots of pictures for the assignment, but I was really unhappy with all of them. I took this picture during our landscape assignment.  I had a difficult time getting the lighting right.  It was a cloudy and rainy day.  I wish I would have purchased a polarized lens.

1/1600 sec.  f/4  90mm  ISO 100

On hindsight, I think this might have been really nice in black and white. Also if I had taken it vertical instead of horizontal I could have gotten the busted light at the top of the pole.


1/320 sec. f/5.6   55mm  ISO 100

I don’t know why, but this is one of my favorite photos.


1/200 sec.  f/9  55mm  ISO 100

I was taking lots of pics of this dandelion when this little guy showed up.  I guess he wanted his photo taken too.



IMG_2830b cropped
1/200 sec.   f/5.6   55mm   ISO 100

My mom helped me take this one.  She has a lot of really cool lenses, and she let me use her macro fish eye to take this shot.



P4 Anthony Vanek


F5, ISO:100, 1/1000, 16mm. (Color Run)  Eugene, OR

Had a lot of fun taking these photos, my camera got coated, but it was worth it. fast shutter and medium f-stop were key.


F7.1, IS0:160, 1/200, 35mmP (Costal Flower) Florence, OR

Found this beautiful coastal flower while hiking. I used a lens extension ring to reduce my minimum focus distance.


F1.8, ISO:1600, 1/250, 35mmP (Dessert) Eugene, OR

Made a couple dozen strawberry shortcakes. ended up using an extension tube to get really close with my fixed lens but it really shows the detail.


F3.5, ISO:1000, 1/60, 16mm (Salmon Teriyaki) Eugene, OR

Made Salmon Teriyaki with grilled asparagus. I was wanting to try shooting a table scene instead of just the food by itself.



aperture:1/10 shutter 5.6 ISO:100

my lucky bucket…….. allergies suck


aperture: 1/10 shutter 5.6 ISO:200

hmmmm where did all the magazines go???


aperture:1/5 shutter: 5.6 ISO:100

now this is old school hahaha


aperture 1/50 shutter:20 ISO:100

a walk around campus very nice sceenery


aperture:1/50 shutter:14 ISO:100

a nice picknick spot on campus


aperture:1/50 shutter:7.1 ISO:100

a very nice for quiet studytime off campus

Final Project Shares


Reflections were really hard to shoot, but once I got the technique down, I had a lot of fun with it!

“Flowers in the fog”IMG_0776F-stop: F/36   Shutter: 1/30th sec   ISO-3200   55mm focal length

“Danger Behind”


f/36, 1/30 sec shutter, ISO-3200, 55mm focal length

Catching one’s own reflection is a lot more challenging, this shot probably took me about two hours to get right. Not only did I want my face fully in the mirror’s frame, I wanted that to be the only area in focus.

“Morning Ministrations”


f/36, 1/4th sec shutter, ISO-3200, 41mm focal length


Architecture was a bit easier in concept, but took a great deal of patience. Because you can’t ask your “talent” to move, you  have to reposition (sometimes a considerable distance), and have to wait for the right lighting to come to you.

“Vista Blanc”


I waited probably the majority of the day to find the lighting I liked for this building. If it isn’t just right, the details of the building just don’t “pop” like this.

f/25, 1/100th sec shutter, ISO-400, 53mm focal length

“The Broadway”


In order to get this “looking up” angle I had to literally lay on the ground and tilt myself at about a 20 degree angle. Gave me a cramp after a while, but it made the shot.

f/5.6, 1/60th sec exposure, ISO-100, 18mm focal length




PART 1 – Portraiture  

Subjects: Adam Gates / Darci Hasseman

This shoot was all done in downtown Eugene on a cloudy day using a Canon 6d with a 16 to 35mm lens.


ISO 100    29MM     1/100   F/5.0Best_Portrait-1

ISO 100   35MM    1/60   F/4.0Best_Portrait-3

PART 2- Color


These two shoots were done here at LCC and at my house. Both photos have been staged. These were shot on a Canon 6D with a 35mm lens.

ISO 800     24MM    1/30    F/3.2Red-2

ISO 100    24MM     1/125    F/5.6Red-3

Michael Kenna Style 

Michael Kenna had a very unique way of taking photos which made it a little hard for me, but I tried my best to copy his way of shooting. 
ISO: 100 Aperture: 3.5  Shutter: 10″ Exposure: +3

ISO: 100  Aperture: 4.0  Shutter: 8″ Exposure: +3

ISO: 100 Aperture:3.5 Shutter:1/200 Exposure:+3

ISO: 100 Aperture:4.0 Shutter: 1/300 Exposure:+3