Dancing in your reflection

Part 1: Lane Students

I chose to shoot backstage at LCC Dance departments end of term show. I was in a few pieces, and figured this would be an interesting perspective to get some shots. I had to turn my ISO up to 3200 due to the low light backstage. The lights on stage were extremely bright, causing some images to be over-exposed and washed out. Then, some of my images including the backstage area as my foreground were too dark. So, I decided to just roll with it and embrace the shadows and blur.IMG_1721Dancers warming up their pointe shoes, getting ready for the show. Aperture 4.0, 1/4 shutter speed, ISO 3200.

IMG_1763Stretching backstage while watching and dissecting choreography on stage. I love the layers in this image. Aperture 4.0, 1/6 shutter speed, ISO 3200.

IMG_1912Lane students traveling on campus. Aperture 3.5, 1/40 shutter speed, ISO 320.

Part 2: Reflections

I found reflections in puddles on the street, mirrors, still bodies of water, and dance floors. I had a lot of fun with this portion of the assignment, and am now seeing reflections everywhere.

IMG_1673Dancers reflection on the marley floor. Aperture 5.0, 1/60 shutter speed, ISO 400.IMG_1605Leaburg lake on Highway 126. A beautiful Thanksgiving morning. The views were breath-taking. I was able to get very nice reflections on the water. Aperture 10, 1/100 shutter speed, ISO 100IMG_1524This picture was taken on my very first day working on the project. I was determined to center my Part 2 around reflections in puddles. My project eventually drifted into a broader range of found reflections. However, I do love this shot. Funny thing is that when I took the picture, I was not happy because of the oil floating in the water. I thought it was gross and almost deleted the image from my camera. I am glad I didn’t because it ended up being one of my favorites. I love the play between the tree’s reflection, the floating leaves, and the oil. Aperture 4.5, 1/10 shutter speed, ISO 100.


For part 1 of the project, I went with ceramics. I thought it would be cool to get some shots of people creating things. I was able to take some shots at the ceramics thing in the cafeteria where they were selling stuff (I forget what it was called), so one of these is from that.

My final

For my part 2 I decided to do textures. I took photos of a lot of different items so it was hard to choose only three but here they are.


ISO 200     f/5.6     1/30


ISO 5000         f/5.6          1/60


ISO 1600     f/5.6       1/60

Part 1

I took photos in the ceramics classroom. I’m very happy with what I came up with. I took my time and really played with the shutter speeds and aperture more than I normal.


ISO 400     f/4.5    1/30


ISO  200     f/5.6    1/15


ISO  200      f/5.6     1/15

Final Project Using Reflection

Reflection Pictures   

I tried to capture the entire reflection that the side mirror gave . I wanted to capture the variety of colors in the trees.
I wanted to try something new with this particular wine glass. It was nice when I actually got some reflection of the glass. I like that the background is blurred as well. It gives the wine glass a much sharper focus.
In this photoI did something similar to Sarahs. I decided to get the reflection of me taking a picture. It came out really interesting. I used my mothers medicine cabinet which had multiple doors to open. This got different angles of the picture and camera.
I am really happy with the way this photo turned out because it has two different focuses however the reflection of the tree is the obvious focus but it is not the first thing you look at even though it is more focused than the leaves.  Notice how you can’t focus on both at the same time that way neither are a distraction to one another.
IMG_2909 (1)
I find this photo unique because I got the reflection of a window in a picture frame. If you look closely you can see that the frame is a portrait of who happens to be my sister.

Lane Groups and Activities

In this photo I wanted to capture the different variety of shapes of the pots. They were all spun and shaped by one woman.
You can see the intense focus that this person has. You can see the determination in his eyes. I like the framing of this picture and that the background is somewhat blurred.
I like this photo of Mark because he is engaged in the game, but he also has a smile to express that he is enjoying the game as well.
I decided to take a picture of the fencing head gear. I missed the opportunity to discuss with them, but I still had a great time.