Dancing in your reflection

Part 1: Lane Students

I chose to shoot backstage at LCC Dance departments end of term show. I was in a few pieces, and figured this would be an interesting perspective to get some shots. I had to turn my ISO up to 3200 due to the low light backstage. The lights on stage were extremely bright, causing some images to be over-exposed and washed out. Then, some of my images including the backstage area as my foreground were too dark. So, I decided to just roll with it and embrace the shadows and blur.IMG_1721Dancers warming up their pointe shoes, getting ready for the show. Aperture 4.0, 1/4 shutter speed, ISO 3200.

IMG_1763Stretching backstage while watching and dissecting choreography on stage. I love the layers in this image. Aperture 4.0, 1/6 shutter speed, ISO 3200.

IMG_1912Lane students traveling on campus. Aperture 3.5, 1/40 shutter speed, ISO 320.

Part 2: Reflections

I found reflections in puddles on the street, mirrors, still bodies of water, and dance floors. I had a lot of fun with this portion of the assignment, and am now seeing reflections everywhere.

IMG_1673Dancers reflection on the marley floor. Aperture 5.0, 1/60 shutter speed, ISO 400.IMG_1605Leaburg lake on Highway 126. A beautiful Thanksgiving morning. The views were breath-taking. I was able to get very nice reflections on the water. Aperture 10, 1/100 shutter speed, ISO 100IMG_1524This picture was taken on my very first day working on the project. I was determined to center my Part 2 around reflections in puddles. My project eventually drifted into a broader range of found reflections. However, I do love this shot. Funny thing is that when I took the picture, I was not happy because of the oil floating in the water. I thought it was gross and almost deleted the image from my camera. I am glad I didn’t because it ended up being one of my favorites. I love the play between the tree’s reflection, the floating leaves, and the oil. Aperture 4.5, 1/10 shutter speed, ISO 100.