Final Project Shares


Reflections were really hard to shoot, but once I got the technique down, I had a lot of fun with it!

“Flowers in the fog”IMG_0776F-stop: F/36   Shutter: 1/30th sec   ISO-3200   55mm focal length

“Danger Behind”


f/36, 1/30 sec shutter, ISO-3200, 55mm focal length

Catching one’s own reflection is a lot more challenging, this shot probably took me about two hours to get right. Not only did I want my face fully in the mirror’s frame, I wanted that to be the only area in focus.

“Morning Ministrations”


f/36, 1/4th sec shutter, ISO-3200, 41mm focal length


Architecture was a bit easier in concept, but took a great deal of patience. Because you can’t ask your “talent” to move, you  have to reposition (sometimes a considerable distance), and have to wait for the right lighting to come to you.

“Vista Blanc”


I waited probably the majority of the day to find the lighting I liked for this building. If it isn’t just right, the details of the building just don’t “pop” like this.

f/25, 1/100th sec shutter, ISO-400, 53mm focal length

“The Broadway”


In order to get this “looking up” angle I had to literally lay on the ground and tilt myself at about a 20 degree angle. Gave me a cramp after a while, but it made the shot.

f/5.6, 1/60th sec exposure, ISO-100, 18mm focal length


P1: Bracketing

I had lost my SD card, so I had to take new images this morning. It was very impromptu, but I had a lot of fun with it!

Image 1: f/10, 1/800s, ISO 3200, 49mm focal length

Image 2: f/13, 1/160s, ISO 3200, 28mm focal length

Image 3: f/4.5, 1/400s, ISO 3200, 35mm focal length

All shot with a 55mm lens, compulsory no-flash, with pattern focal metering and no exposure bias.