Javier Ambriz Final Project



1/500  F/5.6  ISO 250

I shot this picture around 7 pm it was a pretty sunny day and there were only a couple of wispy clouds in the sky , we were walking around alton baker and I saw this patch of daisies and thought it’d be a nice place to take a picture.


1/400  F/5  ISO 250

I bought this frame that I thought would be cool to incorporate in the photo I took a lot of different shots at different angles, but I liked the side view the best, this was shot around 7 pm at alton baker too we were under a tree, what I liked best about this picture was the way the light highlights her eye.

david 1

1/125  F/5  ISO 800

This was my favorite out of all the portraits I took, i didn’t like it at first the colors in the original picture looked kind of funky so I decided to change it to black and white and I really fell in love with it after I changed it.



broken mirror

1/400  F/5.6  ISO400


1/125  F/5.6  ISO 1600

flower 2

1/320  F/11  ISO 6400