P4 Final Project (Isabella Zitting)

Part 1: Fashion


ISO: 200  Shutter Speed: 1/25  Aperture: F5

She loved the Koi pond and moved before I could take the picture. Told her to go back into the position she was in and started snapping.


ISO: 200  Shutter Speed: 1/60  Aperture: F6.3

We wanted to get pictures with the river but lighting sucked. We were standing a couple of feet from the bridge to get the best lighting.

Part 2: Color (Yellow)


ISO: 200  Shutter Speed: 1/80  Aperture: F32

These flowers are growing everywhere and the yellow center kept catching my eye.


ISO: 200  Shutter Speed: 1/80  Aperture: F5.6

As I was driving down the road looking for things that are yellow, this sign popped out at me. I love how the sign is bright compared to the woods and even the purple flowers.


ISO: 200  Shutter Speed: 1/160  Aperture: F5.6

I was at a barbecue over the memorial day week end and decided to go around and see what I can find. This flower was all by itself and was a beautiful shade of yellow.