W18 P4 Final Project

Part 1: Reflections

f/2.8 // 1/2500 sec. // ISO-100 // 100 mmIMG_0464

f/5.6 // 6 sec. // ISO-800 // 100 mmIMG_0560

f/8 // 1/500 sec. // ISO-400 // 95 mmRuralPost

Part 2: Photojournalism

f/13 // 1/250 sec. // ISO-200 // 75 mmIMG_0210

f/9 // 1/500 sec. // ISO-200 // 85 mmIMG_0315

f/9 // 1/500 sec. // ISO-200 // 85 mmIMG_0316

f/5.6 // 1/2000 sec. // ISO-200 // 270 mmIMG_0363

W18 P4 Final Project


Part 1: Photojournalism


This was from a cute indie house show I got invited to, getting to hear some local Eugene music was fab.

SS 1/250  /  F-Stop 10  /  ISO 1500


I was cruising around the farmer’s market when I found these guys on the corner. They were really nice and of course preached to me for a good ten minutes but they had some interesting stories, probably one of my favorite things about photojournalism is getting to hear about different peoples lives and just what they’re up to in the world.

SS 1/250  /  F-Stop 12.3  /  ISO 400


This is Roger Cross, it was kinda just by happenstance that I ran into him and ended up talking for almost an hour about our lives and where we’d like to take them. He really hit a soft spot in my heart telling me about his struggles and trying to get ahead of them, also his unwavering sense of humor in unfortunate circumstances was admiring. “Isolation breeds depression, depression breeds desperation, and desperation breeds despair; so I’m just trying to keep people happy.” -RC

SS 1/250  /  F-Stop 2.8  /  ISO 300


Part 2: Natural pink colors


Found this little buddy enjoying the start of spring.

SS 1/1000  /  F-Stop 2.8  /  ISO 400


Got this little gem the day I went to the farmer’s market, the guy who sold it to me had some of the most unique succulents I’ve ever seen in one spot and has been growing them for over a decade now.

SS 1/250  /  F-Stop 2.8  /  ISO 200


I was feeling really inspired with all the cherry blossoms blooming around town and of course had to have at least one photo of them.

SS 1/250  /  F-Stop 13  /  ISO 300


I have been to Disneyland 7 times.  It is always good family time.  When I was younger we went every other year.  When I was little, we flew there every time.  Now that I am older, we drive so that we can do other things.  One time we went at Christmas time and it was very busy.  It was hard to have good time because it was so crowded.  The decorations were amazing and since we had been there so many times, it was ok that we couldn’t ride very many rides.  My favorite part of Disneyland is the food.  I love Dole whips and churros.  Every time we go to Disneyland we go to Goofy’s Kitchen.  All the characters are there so when I was little, it was fun to see all the characters without waiting in line to see them.  Now we still go but we go for the food.  My favorite ride is Pirates of the Caribbean.  It is sad how much the prices have went up for the tickets.  Most people can’t afford to take a family to Disneyland now.  Even though we don’t go as often now, when we do go it brings back lots of memories for me.pexels-photo-879844.jpegpexels-photo-42415.jpeg