Adobe Acrobat Pro at LCC


GOOD NEWS – Adobe Acrobat Pro is available for LCC employees on campus. It is an indispensable publishing software tool for you as OER course creators, especially if you are adapting existing material in PDF format.

The application enables you to run Accessibility checks on existing PDFs. You can fix common issues like adding alt-tags and titles; ensuring that a PDF is properly tagged; and that the document is set to the correct language.

You can also perform editing functions like auto-pagination; direct-text editing; and rearranging pages. Another feature of Acrobat Pro is the ability to combine PDFs with easy drag-and-drop methods.

The free Adobe Acrobat Reader does not perform any of these higher functions.

Acrobat Pro is part of the Adobe Creative CC suite. Any part of the entire Suite can be installed on your work computer.

To place a request, contact your department’s admin and they will forward it to IT.