Faculty Fellowship

Tired of inflexible, static textbooks? Want to save your students money and use engaging, tailored course materials?

Join theĀ  OER Faculty Fellowship to explore the beautiful world of open educational resources and what they can do for teaching and learning.

The purpose of this fellowship is to to provide support and opportunities for Lane faculty to use OERs in their courses and save students money by reducing textbook requirements and increasing the number of textbook free courses.

Instructors who convert a course to all OER/textbook free will earn the grand prize- an IPAD (or choice of other devices)!

This fellowship is flexible and self-paced. There are several ways to earn points and incentives.

There are now two Fellowship options:

Individuals working to convert classes can earn points through the award-winning Classic OER Faculty Fellowship Rubric.

Discipline teams can collaboratively earn Fellowship points using the new Discipline Team OER Rubric.

Course materials want to be free!
Contact Jen Klaudinyi to join the fellowship or get more info.

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