Water Conservation Resources

There is buzz throughout the utility world to push residential customers to reduce their current utility water use 75% by 2025.  Soon, we will all have to be more in touch with the water we use, where it comes from, where it is going to and how we treat it before and after we have had our way with it.  Hopefully, the information that I have provided here will help to answer some of these questions as well as address what alternate water sources there are to help meet our needs.

The world of water conservation is a burgeoning field with new water conservation positions opening up around the world daily.  Join us in LCC’s Water Conservation Technician Program to learn even more!!!

Here is a link to a you tube video about why I prefer a textbook-free class:


Here is a link to several resources and assignments that I use in the Water Conservation: Residential Indoor class: http://contentbuilder.merlot.org/toolkit/users/swhitney/waterconservation





Finishing OER Project for ENG 104 Intro to Fiction Spring Term


I’ve just finished my OER project for Introduction to Fiction, Spring term 2013. The outline for my course with course materials and OWL links are posted here on Merlot: http://contentbuilder.merlot.org/toolkit/users/vonammonj/eng104introfiction2013

With Jen’s help, I’ve also uploaded a screencast on YouTube, outlining the course and showing some of the links to OWL pages and other online resources. Here’s the link: http://youtu.be/EvRVgqMiyqE

I found most of the stories I needed in the public domain, and I plan to include new stories each time I offer the course. The OWL pages helped me provide students with some of the Intro to Fiction materials such as plot, characterization, and reader-response criticism. Though I am not using an anthology, I have continued to use the graphic novel, Persepolis, and will provide a few copies at the reserve desk at LCC.

I hope some of these materials are helpful for those of you who are considering converting your course to OER.

Screencast and Merlot Resources for CAD 2 Class

Throughout this term and last I have been working on switching my CAD 2 class to a no-text format. I have finally completed that process, and am enjoying it quite a bit. Right now it is a fairly simple format with minimal resources, but I plan to continue fleshing it out with more options as this and next term continue. I also believe that I will be switching my CAD 1 class to a similar format.

Below you will find a link to my resources on Merlot, and the screencast video I have created to give you an overview of how my class is currently formatted. I hope that it is helpful to some who are still in the process, and would love to hear any  further ideas that people in the cohort have for me.

Thanks, and good luck with your classes!