Lane’s Core Themes:
Responsive Community Engagement – Accessible and Equitable Learning Opportunities
Quality Educational Environment – Individual Student Achievement

The Learning Council will conclude its multiyear development process of the college’s Learning Plan this fall. We ask that the campus community continue to engage in this work to ensure the plan represents our collective work and best thinking.

The Learning Plan will represent our collective vision for achieving excellence in our learning environment, the heart of our mission as a community college. Building upon prior strategic plans, assessment activities, and improvement initiatives, the learning plan will elevate learning as our prevailing guiding principle and provide a five-year framework for achieving objectives in support of our Core Themes: Responsive Community Engagement, Accessible and Equitable Learning Opportunities, Quality Educational Environment, and Individual Student Achievement.

Over the course of the 2018 calendar year, we will be distilling ideas from extant planning documents and distributing drafts with the college community for feedback. We encourage open dialogue, discussion, and review.

Please contribute to the conversation threads represented under the menu on the right. These will be reviewed regularly and essentially inform the plan content that emerges from this process.

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