Trouble Getting to Websites?

If so, please wait a few minutes to see if the situation resolves itself. This issue is caused by the new Fortinet firewall – it is not a bug, but an enhancement. If you attempt to visit a website that our firewall has never seen before, the firewall temporarily restricts access to that website until Read More

Email Signatures

Like most of you, I get a lot of email. And at the bottom of many of those are email signatures. Some people, like me, don’t bother to have one, because we virtually always know exactly who we’re replying to. Other people have email signatures like this: Lori Brenden Web Developer/Webmaster Information Technology Department Lane Read More

Git 101

Originally given on 4/25/14 by Kyle The complete presentation can be viewed online. A few handy links: The Git Parable SourceTree (visual Git client) Try Git in a browser Lane Community College on Github Gitlab (Lane’s private git server) For additional help with Git, feel free to contact Kyle, David, Matt, or Phil A.