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Living the Dream

I felt this assignment was more a message for me then anything else. after having a successful 2020 I moved back to Eugene and my work has been stagnant ever since. That was a big reality check for me after thinking that I was the king of the world. I was snapped back to reality. Being able to use this audio really helped me get out the feeling that every artist has that they are not good enough. The point of my audio assignment was to give artists hope. We all feel like our work is not good enough and go through creative dry spells but we can never give up. The assignment was fun, trying out different applications to edit my audio clip. I ended up using Premiere Pro even though it is not made for audio, the familiar layout as I edit videos from time to time definitely helped me along my journey. The  art work I used was a photo I took in Las Vegas. Even though it isn’t a very special photo I was able to stay true by using a photo I took, and nothing fits that fast paced lifestyle like Las Vegas. WIth my audio clip I was hoping to give that little boost for any artist that did ot didn’t know they needed it.  

W21-P5-Image Editing

I had a lot of fun with this project! I love to video edit, and don’t get to do enough of it, so this was a great opportunity for me. I got the idea for the project when I realized I could knock out two of my projects at once and have a great end result for both. I love doing hands on projects like working with cars, so I was very at home pulling my dash apart to install my new stereo. I had a blast filming and editing this, and I hope it shows!


P5 Image Editing

My project was about a day in the life of me. While editing this project I realized how lazy I was and how much time I waste watching YouTube or scrolling through my phone. Obviously I do not do this same routine every day but this is what a regular weekday for me would look like. I really enjoyed this project and seeing myself in the third person.

P5-Video Editing

I enjoyed this project a lot. Mostly because I got to spend more time with my puppy, and she loved all the attention. I struggled a bit with the audio editing on Premiere Pro- I couldn’t figure out how to fade out and fade in the music. But I feel like shortening clips and putting all the videos together was simple enough. I have to make a short video for FA 250 this term as well so this was great practice for me!

By Morgan Murphy

P5 – Video Editing


This is basically a parody of a bizarre and specific subset of YouTube culture, where idiots in their 20’s make the same video every single day to scare children and get their money. It was fun. We were filming this at an empty church, running against the clock before the security alarm went off at 11:00. Very fun.

P5 Image Editing Video

This project was really fun to create because I enjoy editing videos to match music. My idea was pretty spontaneous given the amount of time we had, but I love animals and I had the perfect opportunity to record them because I had to feed my brothers lizard and fish when he was out of town. It was really relaxing to watch the fish swim around when editing. I tried matching my clips to the beat of the music as best as I could and also tried to play with color correction as that is something I haven’t done before.

By Anna Ballinger



This was my first ever attempt at editing video and I think I did pretty good! I was able to find royalty free music that fit the theme of the video and I honestly didn’t have too difficult of a time during the editing process. The hardest thing for me was figuring out how to export the media when I was all finished. Otherwise this experience was wonderful: I got to dedicate some time to my pet, who deserves more attention than I can give him sometimes, I was able to accomplish what I set out to do which really makes me feel positive about the outcome of this video and I genuinely had more fun than I expected while doing the editing and exploration of Adobe Premier Pro.

by: Cole Brown

P4 Audio æsop’s fable “Belling The Cat”

My experience creating this audio assignment was a huge learning experience. I will be able to play with GarageBand, Audacity and even Soundcloud in ways I never knew possible. Al though this audio screams “first audio assignment!” I had so much fun! The vocals include my daughter, Lily Nguyen. She is 11 and speaks on the single track made by the young mouse. I think it’s pretty easy to tell that I created the rest of it in my own “mom” narrator voice. I got the image and story from the library of congress here: http://read.gov/aesop/003.html . What I was trying to accomplish was something that had to do with my cat AND wasn’t boring to others. The background music is from the free music included with Garageband. The cat sounds are recorded from my cat “Danny.” Any other sounds such as the scratching and scurrying mice is just made with my hand on the desk and on the nail file. I hope I didn’t hurt your ears!

By Jenel Chandler

The Owl and The Grasshopper

For this project, I found a fable on studentuk.com called “The Owl and the Grasshopper” by Aesop. The sounds I used within this story were found from Freesound.com, SoundBible.com, and Incompetech. Finding the audio was the best part about this project. I found myself scrolling and listening to many different versions of one sound. The hardest part about this project was trying to export the audio, converting file types, and uploading the final piece. 

Within this project are many mistakes I wish I could fix. However, from each mistake I learned how to improve my technique. There is one in particular that is still very noticeable. Halfway through, right after I say “oak” the audio sounds like it got cut off. I didn’t catch this until I was completely finished with the project. In order to fix this I would have had to redo a part of my dialogue and backtrack a lot. For a mistake that small and the amount of time I would need to fix it, I decided to let it slide.

Overall, this was an amazing experience. It makes me want to continue doing this type of work. I think it would be fun to read stories and make them come to life with music and sound effects. 

By: Taylor Powelson

Music by:

Pride by Kevin MacLeod

Link: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/4239-pride

License: https://filmmusic.io/standard-license

Picture by:

“Owl” by Farid Fleifel is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0