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P1 About Me (Nick Shaw)

Hello There, I am Nick Shaw and as you can see, I am a hockey player. Growing up I’ve always loved hockey, mostly because I loved watching my brother play it. I thought he was the coolest out there skating around, hitting people, and scoring. I wanted nothing more to be just like him, and now I am. My jersey number is 52 because my brother was 51 and it’s like I’m next in the line of hockey players in my family. It’s always been a dream of mine to join the NHL (National Hockey League) and play for my favorite team, the Los Angeles Kings, but unfortunately I am not and never will be good enough for that. However, I have always been good with art and camera stuff. People have always been telling me I am very creative and I should go to school to unlock my full creative potential in Multi-Media Arts. So that’s what brings me here to this class.

Recently I got a call from the United States Marine Corps, they wanted to know if I would be interested in starting a career as a marine and I said no, I am in college studying multi-media arts, and he said I can come work for them at a training camp and film stuff for them. That in particular didn’t really interest me but it did get me thinking, if I can’t play hockey for the Kings, why not be a videographer for them? So that is where I decided my career goal.

An Introduction to Myself

An Introduction to Myself

Hello My name is Noah!  I was born in Flowood Mississippi and moved to Oregon when I was 4 years old. I am in the animation program at lane. I like to spend my free time animating and playing with my niece ( I am a very proud auntie) as well as working in my garden and going on walks. I am the owner of several chickens 1 hive of bees and a very old cat who is much loved. My cat named Martina is a 21 year old tuxedo who is in need of kitty glasses.   In 2016 I spent 10 months in New Zealand backpacking and hitchhiking around both Islands. I have some very fun hitchhiking stories including the one where I got picked up by a possible religious cult ( “community”).

After traveling around New Zealand I landed in Wellington, the windiest city in the world  and I studied design for the stage and screen at toi whakaari ( pronounced fukari ). I came back to the United States and worked for lane education district services with life skills students. I am also a major nerd. I like  everything from Harry Potter to The disastrous life of saiki k. As well as discovering new and fun things to bake.  

With my animation degree I would love to get a job that focuses on character design and creation. If I could get a job at laika Studios I would be over the moon. I look forward to getting to know all of you over term.

Knock Knock… Who’s there? It’s Matthew Deherrera!

Hello my name is Matthew Deherrera. I am a 18 year old male. I moved to Eugene OR, two years ago with my family. I am in the Multimedia Design program at LCC.

I have achromatopsia which means that I am fully colorblind, (black and white) I have light sensitivity, and I cannot see far. Though with my disability I have a strong passion for photography and cinematography. When I was younger I use to make mini movies for my family. The movies mainly consisted of toys that I owned at the time and the layout of my house for the set. I used an old camcorder that I owned to record. When I was finished making the film I would also grab little pieces of paper and turn them into tickets and handed them to my family so they had entry to my “premiere”. After making those “short films” my passion for film making grew and I wanted to expand my knowledge on the craft. The series of events in my life has led me to the Multimedia Design program at LCC.

My goals for after the program ends is to make commercials for different companies and be apart of a company’s social media team for advertisements. Though these are my goals now I know that there are many different roads that this program can lead me to. Till then I can not wait for what my future entails.

P1 And now…me

My name is Robert Stirling, but you can call me Rob. Originally from Ohio, I’ve lived in Oregon for almost 10 years and I have long since fallen in love with this area. I am the eldest of four and I try my best to be a role model for my siblings while I try to figure it all out for myself at the same time. I am a street photographer and the drummer for the band Nevermix. I graduated from Churchill High school, went to Portland State University for a year, and thereupon flunked out of said university.

I started photography in high school and I have greatly enjoyed the learning process as I continue to find new ways to use my equipment. It’s been a great way to express myself as I go to go through new life experiences in this very hectic world. Aside from that, however, I do not have too much experience with this media format. Most of my artistic experience is a pencil and paper, as well as playing the drums. I am excited to learn more about the medium as well as branching out into others. Above all, though, I look forward to learning how I can improve my skills as a photographer and as an artist.

About Me – Katelynn Burnett

by: Katelynn Burnett

Hello and welcome, to the world’s window into my journey as a Media Artist. My name is Katelynn Burnett and I am a mother, brand ambassador and small business owner who was born and raised in Oregon. I have the soul of a gypsy, but I feel most at peace when I am making art in the mountains of my home state. My favorite color is pink, I feel spiritually connected to elephants, my determination is insatiable and my blood is coffee.

I have been studying business, media and music for the last two years, but “The Arts” are a study I have dabbled in all of my life at varying stages, in varying manners. As an artist, this erratic growth pattern has resulted in an eclectic collection of hobbies, interests and skills. As a person, my experiences in life and the obstacles I have overcome are matched only by my ambitions for the future. I like to consider this thinking one of my biggest strengths. The beauty in this belief is that every new obstacle serves only to intensify my drive. The downside is that I have been known to overwork myself in the name of my craft.

I like to keep myself busy and enjoy fast paced work, so the somewhat hectic pace of Media Arts is a space of homeostasis for me. For the time I am learning to perfect my talents to a degree of personal satisfaction. In addition to my schooling and the daily care of my daughter, I spend my time building/running my business – Honest Olive Art & Design. From which I make and sell handmade arts, as well as graphic designs and logos/merchandise for small creators, entertainers and business owners. I also work as a brand ambassador for various cannabis brands in Oregon and as a freelance ambassador/model.

One really unique thing about my journey is that it all began with lyrics. About five years ago I decided to commit myself to pursuing my dream of becoming a songwriter. But the more I learned about the industries of music and business at large, the more I felt compelled towards a sense of complete artistic independence. I was aware that this meant a long road of growth, but that is not the kind of thing that can stop me. Now I intend to one day own my own production company, from which I can manage my own artistic and musical distributions as well as those of other artistic hopefuls in the PNW.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know a little more about me. Until my next entry, I wish you all the best.


About Me – Jazlin Sobel

Hello! My name is Jazlin Sobel and I have lived my whole life in Oregon. I grew up in the small town of Oakridge, but recently I moved to Junction City with two of my long-time friends. I love reading novels, playing video games, drinking tea, traveling, camping and hanging out with my gray tabby cat, Sir William. I have also recently been enjoying watching Korean dramas. 

My last experience with school was ten years ago when I graduated high school. I am honestly not sure what I am doing back in school now but I am hoping to figure that out. I have enjoyed creating things since I was young, and I have dabbled in many different forms of art over the years, including traditional art, digital art, jewelry-making, and even crochet. The last time I took a structured art class was in high school.

I have worked as a freelance artist on-and-off, painting murals and signs as well as some other small-time design work in my home town. Also, for the past five and a half years, I have assembled and painted small model kits for a client’s personal model railroad layout. Unfortunately, he is slowly running out of tasks for me to work on.

These past few years I have really struggled with my art and creativity and I am hoping that going to school might inspire me.

About Me

Hello! My name is Quinn Brown, I’m 19 and fresh out of high school in Portland. I am studying multimedia design and animation at Lane because I have a passion for 3d computer animation. I first discovered this passion back in January when I started teaching myself blender, since then I’ve worked nearly one thousand hours in blender! My family and myself are always working on our next big project or skill. I have experience with screen printing, unicycling, laser engraving, juggling, costume design, drawing, as well as designing and building telescopes.

I Like to relax by visiting museums and antique stores, reading about history, and watching movies. Some of my favorite movies are, Mad Max: Fury Road, Snatch, and Master and Commander.

My dream is to start a visual effects studio that makes original animations in addition to contracting and consultation work for larger film studios.

About Me

My name is Jennifer Howard, I go by Jen. I am in the new Multimedia Animation program at LCC.

I am generally a withdrawn and quiet person, but I love to discuss my interests and share ideas with others. I have a great interest in anything artistic; from drawing in sketchbooks to the texture files in 3D models. I first started casually drawing when I was young, and have done so since on and off. This eventually shifted into the world of 3D and animation as I’ve always been interested in games and movies who utilize such technology. The increasing accessibility of art and 3D has helped this interest further. I have dabbled in many programs such as Blender, Procreate, Clip Studio Paint, and many others.

The artistic interest also manifests in other mediums like blogs and web design. When I was younger I experimented with creating websites for subjects that interested me. Recently, I have had some experience making custom MediaWiki skins.

I look forward to expanded my knowledge even further in this program. I have many interests, so this program will help me refine my interests. Ultimately, I plan on being a freelance 3D and visual effects artist after I gain the most experience. I look forward to learning with you all.

-Jennifer Howard

P1 About Me

By: Shawn Zousel

Hey there, I’m Shawn. I’m 21, just moved up to Eugene from Coos Bay a coastal town about 2 hours south that I’ve lived in for the majority of my life. (And to be honest I’m glad I left haha). I like to write, read, hike, play videogames, hang out with my friends, and binge watch shows until 4AM and realize I made a horrible mistake. I’ve recently picked up a drum set and am trying to learn the drums as well but the key word there is trying. Other than that I’d say I’m a big walker, I’ve found myself wandering across town more times than I can count. Something about aimlessly wandering is strangely very comforting to me. Once I finish the media program I’d like to work towards making short films and from there go on to being a director but ya know, small steps first right? I’m just hoping that with getting my multimedia design certificate I can start working on projects more closely related to film and start building skills and connections. I hope one day you all get the chance to see a film made by yours truly, and I also hope that you enjoy watching it because it’d suck to go that far to make another version of “The Room”. If anyone would like to collaborate on any projects outside of class feel free to follow me on Instagram at Zouselboi. Thanks for reading and have a great rest of your morning, night, day, or other specified time!

About me

Hi everyone! My name is Maria. I am from Mexico. I have 4 beautiful sisters. They live in Mexico just like my parents. I am the only one who lives here in the United States. When I decided to come here, I was looking for a better life, I wanted better opportunities. I came looking for the “famous” American Dream. Today, living for about 10 years in this country,  I can say that the American Dream exists, but you need to work very hard to live it.  I have lived in Springfield for a long time, and I  still love living here. My 9 year old son was born here, and I think it is still a nice, and safe place to raise a family.

When I arrived in the United States, I did not speak any English at all. I did not know how to communicate with people at my job. It was very hard for me, so three years ago, I decided to take English classes here at Lane Community College. My idea was just to finish my 6 levels, but then I asked myself.  What do you want to do after you finish your English classes? Do you want to go back to your last job and do the same thing? What do you want for your future? You came here for a better life and you need to do something. When I was in Mexico, I wanted to go to college and become a journalist, but I did not have the opportunity. Now, I am here. English is not my first language, but now at least, I can have an English conversation. I do not have any experience in multimedia, but that is why I am attending college.  I want to fight for my dreams. I believe that there are many better opportunities for me in my new future. 

By: Maria pedraza