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Hello there!

Hello everyone! This is my first blog ever so HERE WE GO! Hi, my name is Gyllian. I’m 18 years old and I go by any pronoun, so whatever pronouns you are comfortable with, I am also comfortable with. 

This is currently my third term in college and I am working for a multimedia design degree. Before I attended school I spent a lot of my time editing photos and videos at home, editing cosplay pictures, making fan edits, as well as memes. From my list of things I’m really passionate about besides editing is movies, music, voice acting, anime, D&D, cosplay, art, and so much more, things I can probably share with you later. 

When I signed up for my intro to multimedia class I was pretty excited for my next term, but when Covid-19 showed up I got a little nervous. I was hoping things would be better so I can attend school in person and see all my buds again, also so I wouldn’t do school online, but things got unsafe and what I hoped wouldn’t happen, happened, oops. So far I’m doing well in quarantine, my family and I are safe, and it’s nice to have everyone here with me. Not having a problem with being isolated because I was homeschooled for most of my life, so I’m used to it. I hope my online classes are just as good as learning them in person, so fingers crossed.

But anyways, that’s the end of my little post to get to know me, and I look forward to meeting everyone! See you around, stay safe, stay home, and wash your hands!

-Gyllian Mullins


Hello lovelies,

My name is Baillie.

Excited as I am about  putting my thoughts and ideas onto the web, I am quite intimidated. But the thought of possibly having my hair sold on the black market when I become Blog famous is motivating. 

I have quite a spread out family, 6 siblings smeared across the continent. Although being the second eldest, I am the mother goose of the litter. 

My hobbies include isolation, drawing, watching movies, comics, and video games.

 Storytelling through film and comics is something I am immensely passionate about.  

I am always blown away and inspired by people who work towards making their stories a reality by either comic, novels, music, film ect. Regardless of what medium It’s just something so special and amazing. 

I am personally not very good at storytelling. But it is something I am always working towards to improve and learn. The way I express myself is mostly through comics, but I really want to learn more about film and animation. I also thought it might be fun to make some animated MV’s. 

I’m still a genin in training with a lot to learn… My dream is to learn commitment and update webcomics responsibly. 

Here is a photo of me modeling with some neglected bananas:

A little about Me

My Name is Victoria Carrasco I am originally from Los Angeles, California. I moved to Oregon about two and a half years ago for school. I used to attend the University of Oregon but after this term I will have finished my first year at lane. I am a cinema studies major while also working for an art/design minor. Two films that I really enjoy are 42nd Street and In the Mood For Love. As for movies the list can go on forever, but a fluctuating top three would be The Goonies, Pulp Fiction and The Godfather. 

I believe like most of the population I enjoy listening to music. I also like to draw and watch movies. During this time inside I’ve gotten a lot more time to expand on some of my hobbies and dip into some new ones. In addition to my drawing, painting has been one of my new interests. Nothing too fancy just enough for some new wall art. Now that the sun has decided to grace us, sunbathing and tanning is my favorite time of the day as well as going for walks. I can see why dogs get so excited now. Another activity I’ve been indulging in are eating, snacking and plain out pigging out. Hopefully I’m not the only one. 

This is my first Media Arts class and I really just hope to gain new useful information. I’m looking forward to just getting a better understanding of opportunities and routes I can take for the future. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little :). 

By: Victoria Carrasco

All About Austin

My name is Austin Bonebrake. I was born in Eugene, Oregon and have lived in Springfield, Oregon for my entire life. I originally graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in General Social Science. I spent roughly two years working as a caregiver after finishing college, before deciding it was time for a change.

I am currently a student at Lane Community College where I am pursuing a degree in MultiMedia design. While completing this program I am specifically aiming to develop skills in web development, video production, and photography. Upon finishing the MultiMedia design program I would love to find a job that I can work while traveling, or even requires me to travel. Being able to see new places and experiencing new cultures make travelling one of my favorite things to do.

I have been lucky enough to have had many great experiences across the world whether it was walking on the Great Wall of China, going inside pyramids in Giza, or getting lost in Stone Town on Zanzibar. My favorite place I have been to is Australia, which I have visited four times now. The weather is warm, the people are nice, and the beaches are amazing. I was in Australia for the majority of March before I returned home due to the Coronavirus pandemic, cutting short my trip that was supposed to continue on to Thailand for a few weeks. After sitting around doing nothing for several days I decided to enroll in classes at Lane Community College, which has led me to starting this blog.

by: Austin Bonebrake

About Me

By Sarah Felten

Hello everyone, my name is Sarah and I am very excited to jump into this spring term at Lane! Me and my two siblings were home-schooled from kindergarten all the way up through high school, so when I first attended Lane in the fall of 2019 it was a brand new experience for me. This is my third term at Lane and I am currently working toward earning my degree in multimedia design. Through Lane I have discovered that multimedia design is where my strengths and talents lie. I love drawing and photography, as well as singing, making stories, doing makeup, spending quality time with family and friends, and spending time outdoors.

I don’t have a clear career plan after I complete Lane’s Media Arts program, but I do have several ideas of what I would be interested in pursuing. For the past few years I have really been wanting to start a YouTube channel, but I haven’t pushed myself to actually do it. I’m hoping that after this program I will have gained enough confidence in my multimedia skills to finally make myself start a channel.  Along with that, my friend and I have been recently discussing doing a podcast together, which we will hopefully begin working on as soon as we no longer have to be quarantined. Lastly, I would love to someday have my own, small photography business. Last term I took photography 1 at Lane and learned a great amount of skills and techniques for photography and I have really enjoyed pursuing that further. 

That’s pretty much it about me. Thank you so much for reading and getting to know me. Stay safe everyone!

A Hobbit’s Tale

Hello all! It’s a pleasure to meet you, virtually that is 🙂 My name is Kiana Lee, they/them/theirs, I’m 23 years old, and this is my first term at Lane. I’ve been in college for a while and am working on getting a BA in English Literature as well as a design degree.

The love of storytelling and writing that motivated me to study English Literature has also lead me to the world of tabletop gaming. Games like Dungeons & Dragons, Monster of the Week, and Vampire the Masquerade have been what I dedicate my spare time to for the past 3 or so years. Being a fantasy nerd, I have loved Tolkien, Robert Jordan, Terry Prachett, and many more authors since I was young – being able to use that knowledge of fantasy worlds while storytelling with my friends encourages me to play tabletop RPGs even more frequently.

It is my interest in tabletop gaming is what has lead me to Lane’s design program. As Twitch has allowed D&D to gain more popularity with game streams like Critical Role, and podcasts like The Adventure Zone, this form of game is becoming a format for collective storytelling that an audience can enjoy. The stories that are told in these games can also be taken to other mediums; animated series, comic books and even novels.

Creative writing was a hobby of mine through high school and my first few years of college, but admittedly the blank page has always terrified me. So using tabletop games as a form of rough draft has become a wonderful tool for me. Below I have included an excerpt from a piece of mine which is based around a D&D character I played for 2 years.

“Near Donnavern Harbor, a small shop sat crammed between tall buildings cluttering the cobblestone street before it. A weathered wooden sign that hung above the door read The Vanguard’s Voyage, the yellow paint of the lettering cracking and flaking away. Inside the shop, sitting in the center of the large front desk, was a small ornate chest with silver swirls decorating the corners.
Across from the chest, behind auburn bangs, bright teal eyes focused sharply on the chest. A small bead of sweat rolled down the pale, blue-freckled forehead.

‘Ugh! I can’t do it Vic,’ she growled in frustration, pushing back from the desk and glaring at the man standing next to her. The man was dressed in a loose tunic and high collared plum frock coat, with his silver hair falling in braids past the tips of his pointed ears.
‘Yes Ari, you can,’ he replied, and putting a hand on her shoulder, ‘You’re too tense. Calm yourself and reach out with the magic. Try again.’
‘Okay,’ Ari said, pushing her hair back from her face revealing more navy freckles and her small pointed frost-blue tipped ears.
She took a deep breath and centered herself, looking again toward the chest. She held up her hand and snapped her fingers. She held her hand aloft for a moment, watching the chest and, as she flicked her wrist a silver shimmer, like mist, collected around her hand and lifted off, like a glove. The spectral hand floated over to the chest, flipped the latch open, and tossed back the lid. With a small wave and thumbs up to- wards its owner, it dissipated into the air.”
— an excerpt from Vendren’s Landing by Kiana Lee

I look forward to getting to know you all through this term!
Stay sane, stay healthy and we’ll all get through this together 🙂

-Kiana Lee

Hey Hi Hello!

I’m going to be real with you, I don’t like writing about myself. I’m sure nobody truly enjoys it either but I find it really difficult due to the awkwardness that comes with trying to describe yourself to an audience of strangers, but also I never really know what to say, so bare with me. 

My name is Kristen and I’ve been going to Lane since fall of 2019. I graduated the same year from the Academy of Arts and Academics with an honors in Media Arts. I love creating and editing films in my downtime, which we all know we have a lot of currently. I enjoy creating small fan video edits but that doesn’t limit my passion for big film projects. While at Lane I plan to get my degree in Multimedia Design and I plan to work in the filmmaking industry. I would love to make my own business in the future directing and editing music videos since music plays a big part in my life! 

There’s nothing better to me than relaxing after a long day, by lighting a candle and listening to some music. Music helps ease my anxiety and helps me work through difficult times. My favorite bands are Tegan and Sara, The Smashing Pumpkins, Kimya Dawson, and so many more. It’s crazy!! I’m probably one of the biggest Tegan and Sara fans you’ll virtually meet. I also love watching movies, riding bikes, spending time with my cat, and enjoying nature! 

Stay happy and healthy guys!

-Kristen Chunn 🙂

About myself

I like this photo taken a couple of years ago after I had a fresh hair cut. I like it because it captured a bitter feeling with a belief on the top of it. I believe the truth and kindness and equal rights. Nevertheless, I feel a bit sad to see where they do not exist for all of the people.

I was a journalistic TV producer for news and documentary before I moved to America, I had been worked as a producer and freelancing fixer for western media for over 10 years before I moved to America. My husband and I stetted down in Eugene 5 years ago, then we had our son. We are happy about this change as we can breathe free air here and enjoy a peaceful life as we wished. In the past years, I have been thinking a lot about where to start our new life and what I should do for our further in small scale for my family a bigger scale for the society, only recently I nail it down as I was clearly aware of continuing working in media. It is a different media age, media was massively controlled even high jacked by politicians as their tool to empower their regime even spreading fake news on their behaves to sacrificed the right of the public to know about the truth. for some authoritarian countries, it is even worse. It betrayed the basic normal line of journalism and damaged the media’s public credibility. One the other hand social media is taking the role of critical media’s function, but the public still needs its own adjustment to distinguish truth and scam.

I am so glad that I am able to come back to school to have the first step for expanding my knowledge and skills comprehensively and having myself prepared for doing media work in a new environment in the future. As I knew that it is not easy to start academic studies as a non-native English speaker, I will try my best in the following year to graduate and by then I still can see my belief in my eyes in my selfie.

Self-Discovery (Social Distancing)

There are both upsides and downsides to abruptly being ordered to stay at home, being forced to drop the main elements of your life and wait while the world gets sick and hopefully heals. Although it’s pretty overwhelming, I feel fortunate to get what I’ve been wanting for a long time. I finally got let off the leash tied to other’s people’s clocks! With this sudden surge of freedom, I feel like I have really gotten to know myself again.

I have been filling my days with long phone calls to old friends, cooking all day, finally working on my line of boujee baby stuff. I have become a little handyman, putting up shelves and building a bed of nails. I can fully immerse myself into any little world I want for days and not feel rushed or guilty. It’s almost like I’ve died and gone to heaven a little bit. I do miss my friends, but it’s been fun to have to think of new creative ways to keep in touch. I’ve been collaborating with so many people now that we have the time and welcome any distractions. Of course, there are flashes of intense realizations as I slowly process all the changes in my life and the world, but I’m certainly glad to be forced to slow down and create my own structure.

This term I switched from Graphic Design to Multimedia Design because it seemed like I would be learning a wider variety of things that I’m interested in. I don’t have any specific plans for when I finish the program. My current focus is to explore, play, learn, and see what I’m drawn to. I like to wear many hats and can see many roads and opportunities coming my way.

by: Traci Crimmins

Day 18, assessing tropical plant vs veggie ratio, concerned, tired

About Me


My name is Ruby Jude. This is my first year at Lane Community College, though I’ve already completed two years of college at Portland State University. I was born and raised in Portland, OR. This past September my best friend, Carissa and I got bored with our lives in Portland and moved to Eugene two weeks after the idea popped into our heads. Thus began my time at Lane. My pursuit of higher education has been a difficult path for me. I’ve changed my major about fifteen times now, and if we’re being honest I still have no clue what I want to do. In my spare time, I enjoy practicing film and digital photography along with shooting and editing videos. My goal has been to find a way to incorporate that into my schooling. Though I love the creation process for most all digital and social media and could see my self happy with honing my skills in a lot of different mediums in that field. My goal with my time taking media art classes at Lane is to supply myself with the tools needed to gain experience and work that school cannot give me. My only goal in life since I was a wee child was to be famous. As of recent this goal has morphed into simply surrounding myself with fellow creatives and see where that takes me. I’m lucky enough to be friends with local rappers, music video editors, social media influencers and the lot. I’m looking forward to my time spent at Lane this spring term and hope to gain useful technical skills to further my life plans outside of school. Thanks for reading!

By: Ruby Jude Jay-Mustafa