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Yet another project completed!

What I was trying to accomplish is to create a visual representation of what the number 5 means to me. Using various tools at my disposal such as the internet, iMovie, and my own imagination I was able to piece together a piece that I am truly proud of. A way I can explain why I did what I did is to explain using the Tarot.

  1. Ace of Swords reversed: The reversed Ace of Swords card generally means that one must be wary of illusions.

The Darkness can reach into our most primal fears and can cause illusions such as the feeling you are being watched or that maybe something is after you.

  1. Knight of Swords reversed: When you travel be prepared to spend a much longer time in your journey.

Immortal, having eternal life….Life is a journey that begins when we are born and becomes even more intense when we die and pass to the new life. So either being immortal in the physical sense or in the spiritual sense is up to fate.

  1. 5 of Wands: Your need to believe in yourself is stronger

Invincible, nothing in this world can harm you…Or can it? Invincibility is not something meant for us humans despite us trying to act like it does with our rash thinking.

  1. The Tower: Having to pay attention to what you are doing in all situations in more important than ever now. Your nerves may be frayed and your mind in chaos, do what you must to stay calm.

Insanity is a harsh and uncaring mistress that haunts your mind, body, and soul….Those whispers in the dark, those shadows you may see on the wall….

  1. 10 of Swords: Can you trust in what someone is telling you? Can you trust in the situation at hand? No

When one is lost in the dark woods and they hear a voice telling you to go a certain direction…Our first instinct is to believe them and go because of primal fear of what’s out there…But be very wary for they may lead you to a pack of hungry wolves.

The main idea I was trying to convey is to be wary of what you do in life and what may come….Be strong and do not allow the “What Ifs” to rule your life.


The pictures in this video range from two years and one week old. The first two are pictures of the morning while the third and forth are pictures from the night time. These shots are in pairs. Two are taken in New York the other two were taken in Oregon. I really enjoy landscape and archtechtural photography especially when paired with ambient sounds or soundscapes. I choose the last photo which is of ice, to an or the two disjoint landscapes and give a sense of closure to the piece. The music was an amalgamation Latin percussion, polyphonic fm synthesis and analog rhythm elements. All of the sounds were sequenced using MIDI. The Latin percussion was sequenced using a Grids Max patch which is an emulation of a eurorack module and produces excellent results quickly.


Fencing has become a passion of mine and I just wanted to convey that through this video, when I was a kid younger than I am now I wanted to sword fight if anything I wanted to be a samurai, but when I took kendo I felt kinda hollow so with that skill set aside I planned to do something that could fill my emptied self, something to fill the void, this term I came across fencing and instantly felt overjoyed each still shot has or picture has something to do with fencing,

1 beginning of video: LCC’s facebook page profile picture

2 is the type of basic moves you can do

3 the four basic equipment you need to fence Mask, Vest, Foil, Glove, the fifth is not pictured The Lemma

4 the scoring board

5 a fencer saluting (a very fitting image to end the video with)

thanks and please enjoy the video 😀

5 Places in Oregon to Ride Before You Die!

I had a lot of fun putting this video together! After finding out that the goal of the project was based around 5 related things, I knew right away what I wanted to do it on. Over the past couple years, I’ve captured a lot of video footage with my GoPro Hero 2 camera of the places we go ride and explore. Out of all the cool places I’ve been to, it was a bit challenging to come up with the top 5. I created the video with my own software, Sony Movie Studio. I’ve used this program quite a bit for making other videos that I’ve posted on Youtube, and it works very well! All of the footage was taken with a GoPro Hero 2 camera, that I had mounted on top of my ATV helmet. Probably the toughest part of this project for me, was finding music that flowed well with it. I ended up using a tune called “Minnesota” by the band Three Against Four. I had originally found the song through Free Play, where it was called something totally different and had a nasty computer virus attached to it when I downloaded it. I later found the same song on and got it from there. I’ve used it for some of the other videos I’ve made on the Bohemia mining district. Hope you all enjoy watching this video as much as I enjoyed creating it!

5 Activities Filmed With My GoPro Camera

Project #5 required us to combine pictures or video with music and sound efx while exploring the concept of “5”. I had a hard time at first coming up with an idea for this project but after I learned that we could use footage recorded with a GoPro camera I got really excited about it because I own a GoPro Hero 2 camera that I had already recorded quite a bit of footage with on the various trips and explorations that I have been on.

This video is basically a list of 5 activities that I have done where I recorded footage on my GoPro camera. I use it mainly for ATV riding because that is one of my favorite hobbies and I like to document the locations I go to and explore. So I wanted that to be the focused segment of the video. The other activities especially fair rides and bicycling were harder to get footage for. The bicycling activity was sort of a “last minute” idea because I needed 1 more to make 5 activities. So with the weather being as nice as it was this last weekend I decided it would be fun to drag my old bike out and go ride the Dorena trail down in Cottage Grove.

I enjoyed working on this project a lot! From going out and recording to producing the video and choosing the music, it was all really fun to see come together. I hope you all enjoy!

P5 Image editing/ Paint tutorial

I knew wanted include painting into my project somehow, but wasn’t sure exactly how to do it. At first I had the idea of doing a series of paintings to represent the power of five. After some thought I decided I wanted to do a quick tutorial. I have used a lot of tutorials over time to help improve my painting skills and develop new ideas about how to create a painting. I know many people are intimidated or confused about how to create a painting, especially a landscape style painting. I am someone who likes to make things as simple ass possible , so i thought it would be nice to share a very simplified version of what i do. Painting is a big part of my life and gives me a lot of joy, i think its very important to share what you love. If you can simplify your passion in a way that other people can share and enjoy, I think its a great thing.

The Five Elements (P5 Image Editing)

This short video is all about the Five Chinese Elements. When I first thought about the number 5, I started to think about the different types of Pokemon or the different elements from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Basically the five main natural forces that make up the world. So I found that there are 5 central elements that make up the world that the Chinese have defined as Fire, Metal, Water, Wood, and Earth. Each of these elements affect each other and work with each other and that makes up life.

In this video, I first set up what the element looks like in nature or how you would naturally come upon it. Then, I showed how the element affects us or is used in our daily lives. How every element works together to create what our life is. I put Eastern Chime music to the video to give it a Chinese theme because I based my video on the Chinese elements.

When You Were 5 Years Old

My friends were some pretty cute kids, and right away I knew that I wanted to make my project about 5 year olds. I rallied up 5 of my friends and sat them down for about 2 minutes each. In the beginning, I wanted this video to be more sentimental, but after watching my favorite video, –> I decided to take a more sarcastic approach.

This project was surprisingly easy for me. Once I explored the features of my new baby camera, I had so much fun filming and experimenting with different shots. Trust me, I am NO iMovie expert. Whatsoever. Like, mediocre at best. But somehow I filmed and edited this video in one day.

I am extremely satisfied with what I produced, and I laugh every time I watch it. Hopefully my friends like it just as much!

5 Ways to upset a Wookie

In this project my roommate and I only had access to a rather cheap camera and virtually no lighting. I am actually very proud and I like to imagine what I might have been able to accomplish with quality camera and lighting equipment. I am happy I was able to illicit my roommates help while making this video.

Also on a different note I’m thankful that the good people at Lucasfilms made the music and sound effects available for free download to their fans, that proved to be invaluable to making the project really come to life.

And lest I forget to thank myself foresight in purchasing a fully licensed Chewbacca costume.

I hope you enjoy viewing the video as much as I enjoyed making it.


So in P5, we had to make a video correlating with what 5 meant to you. The only thing that came to mind was things that I have noticed Oregon residents do differently than California residents. I thought it would be funny to film what I had noticed and possibly show the differences. But with the time cap @ 2:00 I realized this wasn’t going to all fit. SOOO….I just took the original footage of doing Oregon fun stuff and just made the video instead! As far as older videos before this class, I never took into account the whole “music copyright” thing because I didn’t think my videos were of that caliber to be noticed or get in trouble for. With that, I had to make my own music/loop for the video which was challenging/fun/frustrating/rewarding.

SPOILER ALERT: The music only consisted of 5 loops.